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Convert Your Website Visits into Sales

Live Chat with your Website Visitors, Trigger Automated Messages & Pop-up widgets based on their Acitivites


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13Chats | Convert Your Website Visits into Sales 1

Your website visitors are interested in your offering, but they are hesitant to send you an email. Who does it in 2021? C’mon.

We are living in the era where we want everything instantly. Instant Replies = Trustworthy = Easy Sales.

Talk to your potential customers the moment they land on your site.

13Chats is an all-in-one platform that provides live chat, bots and behavioural pop-ups that you need to connect with your customers, right on time.

13Chats | Convert Your Website Visits into Sales 2

13Chats offers three products viz. Online Chat, Facebook Chatbots, Behavioural Pop-ups a.k.a Smart Widgets

Create a live chat widget for your website in a few clicks, once you sign up

Choose a colour, format and tailor the text to match your brand design, copy the widget code and add it to your website before the closing HTML body tag,

Now your website visitors can chat with you easily, and you can reply to them from your desktop or mobile.

13Chats provides you with you detailed customer information every time you chat with them, so you will have all the data to serve them better.

It’s time to engage your customers when you are out shopping, or spending time with your family. Create a chatbot by connecting your company’s Facebook page with 13Chats, and build the automation flow.

So in your absence, your bots will collect the necessary data from your customers, and you can continue the chat with them when you are back online.

There are more than 20 pre-made scenario scripts available in your account, with your disposal to engage customers on your website right away.

13Chats helps you keep track of your visitors’ activity across your website.

With the Smart pop-ups, you can create offers & push them live based on their activity to grab your prospects’ attention and convert them into sales.

If someone spends a minute on your pricing page, show them a pop-up with a customer testimonial + special discount for them.

You can also trigger these pop-ups during a specific time, say your working hours i.e., from 9 am to 5 pm and other dozens of options to set up the display conditions of your pop-ups or live chat.

Currently, 13Chats’ customers pay around $150 every year for its Standard Plan with 50,000 website visitors and 10 website messages

Now, you can avail 100,000 website visitors, 25 website messages and unlimited no. of live users for just $39 one-time payment.

Give your customers the attention they deserve!

Get a lifetime deal to 13Chats now!

Crisp, Jivochat

Lifetime Access to 13Chats

✔️ 1 Domain
✔️ 5 Operators per Website
✔️ 100,000 Website Visitors per Website
✔️ 25 Website Messages (Pop-Ups and Widgets)
✔️ 6 Months Chat History
✔️ Unlimited Chatbot Messages
✔️ Unlimited Live Chats
✔️ Unlimited Live Users
✔️ Unlimited Messenger Chats
✔️ Smart Pop-ups & Widgets
✔️ Mobile Apps (iOS & Android)
✔️ Knowledge Base (coming soon)
✔️ Export Contacts as CSV
✔️ 1 Brand
✔️ All Integrations are included
✔️ Live Bot on your website (coming soon)
✔️ Stack up to 3 codes per account
✔️ Future updates & integrations of the PREMIUM plan are included
✔️ 60 days refund policy

✔️ 5 Domains
✔️ 13 Operators per Website
✔️ 200,000 Website Visitors per Website
✔️ 50 Website Messages (Pop-Ups and Widgets)
✔️ 9 Months Chat History
✔️ All above features included

✔️ 10 Domains
✔️ 20 Operators per Website
✔️ 500,000 Website Visitors per Website
✔️ 100 Website Messages (Pop-Ups and Widgets)
✔️ 12 Months Chat History
✔️ All above features included

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