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Reveal Thousands Of Interests To Target With Your Ads

Using an artificially intelligent engine, it identifies a multitude of interests you can target with your ads. No other app digs deeper.


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Do you know about boring, unsexy, and hard-to-solve Facebook advertising problems?

Can you sell a ButcherBox subscription to a vegan?

You can’t.

Because that would be like selling ice to someone living in Greenland, right?

Unfortunately, 97% of the people commit this very same mistake when running ads on FB and thus fail miserably.

The fact is, if you don’t know how to find the perfect audience for your offer, you are bound to fail.

Those days are over!

Audiencer can bring out literally hundreds of interests in a single go, in a matter of few seconds.

Audiencer is the world’s smartest and most deeply digging FB targeting interests research app that gives access to those untapped hidden interests that are impossible to get with the default FB audience tool.

Here’s how Audiencer will help you with our Facebook ad campaigns –

1. Discover Hidden Interests To Target – Get past the default 25 interest results on Facebook with the help of Audiencer as it uses Marketing API to bring you the full list of interests that would come as results of your searches.

2. Lower Your CPC With High-Affinity Interests – Audiencer will help you leverage the “no one else” trick by showing you those interests that will put your ad in front of the most passionate users in your niche.

3. Speed Up Your Research – With Audiencer, you simply start by creating an audience inside of your project and point it to your niche.

4. Niche Recommendations – Audiencer has a collection of over 1000 niches and associated interests for them. When researching, just tell the software what your niche is, or who is your target customer and you will get recommended interests right away.

Audiencer packs a lot more advanced features that will help you create a targeted ad campaign on Facebook.

If you in any way represent a marketing agency, or if you are a solopreneur, freelancer, etc. Audiencer will help you revolutionize your Facebook ad campaign strategy.

You’d start to see better ROAS, CPC, revenue, etc. when you use Audiencer.

Get a lifetime deal to Audiencer now!

Lifetime Access to Audiencer

✔️ Use Code AD10 for 10 % off
✔️ Cut down research time
✔️ Uncover hidden interests
✔️ Self-learning app
✔️ Campaign planner
✔️ Community support group
✔️ Interests
✔️ Proprietary relevance metrics
✔️ Save interests
✔️ Analysis
✔️ Google and Facebook search integrations
✔️ Adaptive suggestions
✔️ Niche recommendations

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Audiencer Lifetime Deal
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