Axeptio Lifetime Deal

Cookie Consent Management Tool

With Axeptio, you can collect user consent in a few seconds by informing them about your website cookies in a fun way.


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Axeptio Lifetime Deal

“Are you GDPR Compliant?”

“Do you have permission to store my data?”

“Do you have the permission to show your ads to me?”

The above are some of the very common questions faced by almost all businesses.

If you haven’t heard of them, it won’t be long before your visitors/customers ask you about them.

And if you already have heard of those questions, it’s time to adapt Axeptio for all your websites & apps.

With Axeptio, you can collect user consent in a few seconds by informing them about your website cookies in a fun way.

In less than 5 minutes, you are gonna get the widget loaded on your website(s) & app(s) with Axeptio.

Just type the URL of your website & create your user path using the built-in setup. Then add your cookies (FB pixel, Google, Tracking Code, etc.) and hit Publish.

Your cookie consent widget is now Live. Easy, peasy!!

Oh, and all your visitors can toggle On/OFF the cookies they wish for you to have access to.

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With Axeptio, you can create eye-catchy widgets with specific CTAs, micro animations, and various types of consent – depending on the information you are collecting.

Most importantly, you can customize all your widgets to match your brand.

You can make the changes from font style, text, colors, logo, etc. individually for every widget you create.

You can easily set up the widgets with ready-to-use editorials & pre-configured cookies and these synchronize into any TMS (Tag Management System) such as Google Tag Manager.

Your website visitors will be able to let you know if they agree to your use of cookies, express their choices, opt-in or opt-out to your newsletter or even track their preferences (e.g. age, location, etc.)

The more informed the visitor is, the better your conversion rates!

Axeptio’s widgets work seamlessly across all technologies, popular CMS, and even SDKs.

With Axeptio, you will have full control of storing, securing, and tracking consent data which helps you build a better customer profile.

Get a lifetime deal to Axeptio now!

Lifetime Access to Axeptio

✔️ 1 Domain
✔️ 50,000 Unique Visitors per month
✔️ Custom Show/Hide the Widget
✔️ Marketing Consents
✔️ Contractual Consents
✔️ Multilingual
✔️ Graphic Customization
✔️ Unlimited Cookies
✔️ Unlimited Widgets
✔️ Unlimited Users
✔️ Storage of Consents
✔️ Chat/Email support
✔️ Stack up to 10 codes per account
✔️ Future updates & integrations are included
✔️ Refund policy: 30 days, no questions asked

✔️ 3 Domains
✔️ 100,000 Unique Visitors per month
✔️ All above features included

✔️ 5 Domains
✔️ 200,000 Unique Visitors per month
✔️ All above features included

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Axeptio Lifetime Deal
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