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Bookmark Agency

Build and grow a design agency with the help of AI

Bookmark Agency is a tool that uses machine learning to help you build websites for your clients. With AiDA’s help, you can design and send beautifulunique websites to clients in minutes! The Bookmark Agency LTD is now available on AppSumo.

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💥 You can definitely create a website thanks to Bookmark and its Artificial Intelligence Design Assistant (AiDA).
💥 Bookmark Agency and AiDA are going to help you build your clients’ websites, too.
💥 You can also duplicate any website you create and use it for other clients. All you’ll have to do is swap out some content and bam! Hours of your precious time have been saved.
💥 In addition to building amazing websites for your clients, Bookmark Agency will help you land clients.

Bookmark Agency 1
Bookmark Agency 2
Lifetime access to Bookmark’s Agency Program


Value $500/Year

60-day money back guarantee

What’s included in the Bookmark Agency Lifetime Deal?

⚡️ 1 Agency website
⚡️ 1 Client Site (keep 100% of revenue)
⚡️ Unlimited Bandwidth & Storage
⚡️ Connect your Domain
⚡️ Online Courses ($497 Value)
⚡️ No Bookmark Branding
⚡️ Mobile Website
⚡️ Advanced Analytics
⚡️ Video Backgrounds
⚡️ Stacking: 2 codes = 3 clients, 3 codes = 5 clients, 4 codes = 7 clients, etc.

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