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The Complete Business Professional Bootcamp Bundle

Climb the Career Ladder with Over 75 Hours of Training in Basic Computer Skills, Business Models, Critical Thinking, and Management.


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Business Professional Bootcamp Bundle grabltd

Whether you’re looking to climb the ladder in your current job or build your own business from the ground up, it doesn’t hurt to start chipping away at some of these key skill sets. Luckily, the Complete Business Professional Bootcamp Bundle can help.

This package features seven courses including more than 75 hours of instruction in some of the most immediate high-impact areas a new business pro is likely to face.

Since the Microsoft Office app suite is still a fundamental tool of global business, this training includes close examination of two of its most valuable assets. Over three courses — Microsoft Excel: Beginner to Intermediate, Data Analysis in Excel, and Business Analysis with Excel, students get top-to-bottom, hands-on experience in the use of the world’s most popular data organization and analysis program.

Once you’ve unlocked the secrets of Excel’s data manipulation power, you’ll want to present those findings. That’s where the Master Microsoft PowerPoint training course comes into play.

The final three courses cover basic business fundamentals that should become second nature to any established professional. In Strategy and Business Models, students look at today’s top methods for recognizing, developing and executing a successful strategy and turning good ideas into sound business models.

In Introduction to Leadership and Management, you’ll look at what it takes to communicate effectively, train wisely, employ quality control and drive a team forward. Finally, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving explores the steps to take to work through business problems to ultimately make better decisions for you and your company.

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✔️ Lifetime access
✔️ Data Analysis in Excel
✔️ Microsoft Excel: Beginner to Intermediate
✔️ Master Microsoft PowerPoint
✔️ Business Analysis with Excel
✔️ Strategy & Business Models
✔️ Introduction to Leadership & Management
✔️ Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

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Business Professional Bootcamp Bundle grabltd
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