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Camtasia is the best all-in-one screen recorder and video editor. Record your screen, add video effects, transitions and more.


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Camtasia Lifetime Software Deal

If you’re creating training videos, you’re probably looking for all-in-one video editing software. Software that can record your screen, is simple to use, and has a robust library of effects built-in.

Camtasia by Techsmith is a simple, all-in-one video editing and screen recording software program. Built with beginners in mind, Camtasia allows designers to create professional training videos quickly and efficiently. It is available for both Windows and MacOS.

What’s new in Camtasia 2021?

Latest Verison: On April 27 2021, Camtasia 2021 was officially launched.

This latest version introduced 8 new main features over its predecessor, including:

  • 75+ new transitions – Fresh transitions to make your videos pop
  • Emphasize audio effect – Automatically reduce the volume of music when a voiceover is played on top of it
  • 3 new video effects – Corner rounding, media matte and motion blur have been added
  • Proxy video – Edit large video files without lagging

In a nutshell, Camtasia 2021 adds some much needed video and audio effects to the video editor, as well as some performance improvements.

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The standout features of Camtasia are:

  • Record screen and camera
  • Annotations
  • Effects
  • Zoom and pan camera
  • Cursor effects
  • Scene transitions
  • Various canvas dimensions

I’ll now go over each of the above features in a bit more detail.

Record screen and camera

Recording in Camtasia is controlled with the simple Recording Toolbar, which pops out of the software. Note, the Toolbar has been simplified even further in the latest version of Camtasia.

All that is required is that you select the area you want to record and your recording inputs (camera, microphone and system audio).

You can, of course, capture and record your full computer screen.

Or, there is a selection of screen dimensions to choose from, including widescreen 1080p HD (1920×1080).

Alternatively, if you only want to record a selection of your screen, you can do so. You simply draw a grid around what you want to record and only the content inside the grid will be captured.

I use this feature often when I want to create a GIF of something. Instead of making a super large GIF of the whole screen, I only capture what I need.


If you’re creating video tutorials, then annotations are really useful to use to make your videos easy to follow.

There are 6 categories of annotations to use:

  • Callouts
  • Arrows and lines
  • Shapes
  • Blur/highlight
  • Sketch motion
  • Keystroke callouts

Callouts are a selection of arrows and speech clouds that have text inside them. These are useful to add key messages onto videos and to highlight regions of interest.

There are different arrow and line styles to use. These annotations are great to use when wanting to emphasize movement on-screen.

Shapes are exactly that; a selection of different shapes, including rectangles, stars and triangles.

The blur and highlight capabilities are handy when you want to block out part of a screen, for example, if your video involves you entering your email address, you can easily blur this out.

Sketch motions are the annotations I use the most when I create video tutorials with Camtasia. These are a selection of arrows and shapes that automatically animate as if they were being drawn.

Finally, there are keystroke callouts available. So, if you state to use a keyboard shortcut in your video, you can show the keys on the screen. Just simply tell Camtasia the shortcut you want.


Camtasia has quite a lot of video, audio and text effects that can be easily dropped onto the piece of media on the track.

These effects can spice up your content.

I’ll now go over each of these effect types.

Video effects

There are 13 different video effects that you can use in Camtasia, these are:

  • Border – Adds a border around the video clip
  • Clip speed – Either speed up or slow down a piece of video
  • Color adjustment – Adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation of the clip
  • Color tint – Applies a color overlay to the video
  • Colorize – Adds a subtle color effect to the clip
  • Corner rounding (new in Camtasia 2021) – Smooth out object corners
  • Device frame – Adds the clip inside a device frame of your choice, including a desktop computer or iPhone
  • Drop shadow – Adds a shadow effect to the clip
  • Glow – Makes the clip seem like it is glowing
  • Interactive hotspot – Add an interactive area on the clip, such as a hyperlink to a webpage
  • Media matte (new in Camtasia 2021) – Create masks from objects
  • Motion blur (new in Camtasia 2021) – Makes an object look like it’s moving very fast
  • Remove a color – Remove a color of your choice from the video clip; useful when using a green screen, for example

The device frame visual effect is pretty slick. Simply drag the effect onto the clip and choose from an existing frame, such as a desktop, iPhone or laptop. Then watch as your clip is perfectly positioned inside the device.

Audio effects

As well as video effects, Camtasia also has a few audio effects that can be easily dragged onto an audio track.

There are 6 different audio effects available within Camtasia:

  • Audio compression – Normalize different pieces of audio
  • Clip speed – Speed up or slow down a piece of audio
  • Emphasize (new in Camtasia 2021) – Automatically adjusts the volume of overlaying audio tracks; perfect for projects with voiceovers and background music
  • Noise removal – Remove unwanted background noise
  • Fade in – Gradually increase the audio at the start of the clip
  • Fade out – Gradually reduce the audio at the end of the clip

Alternative for: Filmora, DemoCreator, Movavi Video Suite

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