Capturly Lifetime Deal

Get all your web analytic metrics at your fingertips with Capturly

Get real business insights about how your visitors engage with your website. Capturly will help you understand what triggers conversion or retention on your website by capturing valuable information about your visitor's behavior.


Value $672.00/year
Capturly Lifetime Deal

How well do you know what your visitors are doing on your website? Understanding the behavior of your visitors by inspecting and analyzing how they interact with your website is a very important factor and we know the perfect tool for you.

Meet CAPTURLY – A Full-Scale Analytics Tool for your Online Business based on Real User Interactions.

Capturly is focusing on the two main driving forces for your website: Conversion and Retention. It provides all the required data for you simply and intelligibly to make the best business decisions possible.

What does Capturly offer?

With rich features that such Heatmaps, Session Replays, Analytics Platform and much more, Capturly makes sure that you never miss your visitor’s click on your website. This lets you optimize your site and make you know what does your user wants and at which point are you losing them.

Quick Features:

1. Analytics Platform – Get the right insights at the right time!
2. Heatmaps – Get familiar with your customers!
3. Session Replay – See exactly what your visitors do on your website!
4. Conversion Funnel – Understand where you are losing your customers!
5. Event Analytics – Capture every action on your website!

With Capturly you know what’s exactly happening on your website thus helping you optimize your site in a much better way!

Get lifetime access to Capturly now!

Lifetime Access to Capturly

(1 License Code)

✔️ $5 DM Wallet CashBack
✔️ All features above Included
✔️ 10K Recorded sessions
✔️ 1 Website
✔️ Stacking is allowed here up to 5 License Codes
✔️ 24/7 Email Support

(5 License Code)

✔️ $20 DM Wallet CashBack
✔️ You will get 5 + 1 code Free with this plan
✔️ All features above Included
✔️ 50K Recorded sessions
✔️ 5 Website
✔️ 24/7 Email Support

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Capturly Lifetime Deal
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