ClosersCopy Lifetime Deal

All-in-One Business Copywriting Tool

ClosersCopy offers Sales Letters, Email Scripts, Ads, Calls, and Website templates. Each of them offer specific copy depending on what you you’re looking for.


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ClosersCopy Lifetime Deal

Largely built on what resembles Google Docs, Closer’s Copy offers you a variety of ways to create email funnels, sales letters, and more with powerful sales copy.

The Closer’s Copy wizard lets you select your purpose and then choose from a variety of templates for each step to close a potential customer.

CloserCopy offers Sales Letters, Email Scripts, Ads, Calls, and Website templates. Each of them offer specific copy depending on what you you’re looking for. For example, if you click on Ad, you can choose a template called Product Information. After clicking on your choice, it will then come out on your document.

Leverage PROVEN templates to write high-converting sales letters, ads and email campaigns and replicate your results over and over again…

All that for a TINY fraction of the costs compared to hiring a professional.

Let´s have a closer look at the in-app experience and see how easy and fast copywriting can be. Don’t worry, you’ll get access in a few moments…

Key Features:

Template Library

Pick proven templates for sales pages, ads and email campaigns and write highly converting copy effortlessly.

Writing Advice

Find expert advice throughout your editing journey and always know exactly what to focus on.

Drag & Drop Copy Builder

Effortlessly craft your copy by dragging and dropping fill-in-the-blanks copy templates onto your document.

Step-by-Step Copy Wizard

Be guided by the hand-holding wizard that leads you one step at a time and teaches you persuasive copy techniques.

1000+ Power Words Lookup

Fuel your copy with energy and embed the emotions you’d like to evoke by querying our power and sensory word databases.

Thesaurus Lookup

Find synonyms and antonyms to expand your vocabulary and to avoid using the same words over and over again.

One-Click Headline Generator

Come up with great headlines by generating dozens of proven headline ideas with a single click.

Copy Emotions Analysis

Reveal the emotions your copy conveys and make sure your copy’s tone matches your intended message.

Copy Spam Analysis (beta)

Use our AI technology and quickly reveal whether your email copy will get lost in your audience and spam box.

Copy Sentence Analysis

Break down the complexity of your sentences and see exactly which one make your audience run.

Copy Keyword Analysis

Analyze and refine the keyword distribution within your copy to max-out SEO results.

Custom Template Builder

Build your personal “Drag & Drop Swipe Files by crafting your own templates.

Collaborative Writing

Share your copy with your mates and grant them rights to view and contribute to your copy.

Get a lifetime deal to ClosersCopy now!

Lifetime Access to ClosersCopy

Professional Plan

✔️ ClosersCopy A.I. Editor
✔️ Template Library
✔️ 200,000 char/month Artificial Intelligence
✔️ Guidance & Advice
✔️ Drag & Drop Copy Builder
✔️ 18,000+ Copy Examples
✔️ 1,000+ Power Words Lookup
✔️ Thesaurus Lookup
✔️ Emotions Analysis
✔️ Sentence Analysis
✔️ Keyword Analysis
✔️ Spam Analysis
✔️ Voice Analysis
✔️ Downloads
✔️ Updates

Unlimited Plan

✔️ Unlimited Artificial Intelligence
✔️ Teams
✔️ Innovations
✔️ All above features included

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ClosersCopy Lifetime Deal
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