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Coachzippy is a revolutionary all in on software that helps to make and sell the beautiful courses online.

In a nutshell, it’s an E-Learning System and also a school creation app. It allows you to sell digital products and services and of course, to collect payment.

It’s really an amazing tool for every online teacher who wants to expands its business and make some profit online.

Features of Coachzippy:

This software is possessed with a number of brilliant features that help you in the process of making and selling the various courses on the online platform.

  • Site builder available and amazing management: The coachzippy helps you in the creation of the beautiful online courses, records as well as lectures, and this is possible because of it’s site builder and the proper management. It provides you with the facilities like adding videos, questions, PDF files and you can import the respective documents and contents from one drive, Dropbox, Google drive, anything.
  • The attractive sales pages with high conversion: The sales pages of the coachzippy are highly convertible which means it has the ability to attract your customers and convert them to the consumers.
  • Online courses: the main motive of the coachzippy is to make the online course sites so that you can share your knowledge with those who are in need. Along with its facilities, you will get a fully functioning management, sales, marketing and payment gateway tools.
  • Membership site builder: with only drag and drop you can build your own membership site which will help you in the sales of your courses.
  • Surveys and quick quizzes: this gives you the opportunity to create interesting surveys as well as quizzes to engage your visitors which will lead to an increase in the conversion as well as sales.
  • Modify your comments: you can modify the comments and reply to your users on the same screen which makes it easy to converse with your client.

  • Awesome navigation: the navigation system of the coachzippy is awesome because you can decide where the header will be placed and where the footer of your website.

  • Inbuilt blog: there is also an inbuilt blog in the coachzippy with the help of which you can give values to your audience and can promote your lectures and online courses.
  • Tagging: you can discriminate your users on the basis of their behaviors with the help of the tagging. You can also use the bulk tag method to tag the group or more than one member at one time.
  • Build the funnels or pipelines: you can build the entirely automated marketing campaigns and schemes with the click of only one button. And yes you can use the built-in templates which will help you with the launch of your products and sale campaigns.

Get Lifetime access to Coachzippy now!

Lifetime Access to Coachzippy

✔️ Unlimited Bandwidth
✔️ Max School Limit – 10
✔️ Course Limit – 10 / School
✔️ Maximum Instructors – 5
✔️ 10Gb Storage
✔️ Site Builder & Management
✔️ Beautiful High Converting Sales Pages
✔️ Easy Product Creation
✔️ And more! See all the features

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