Coassemble Lifetime Deal

All-in-one Online Training Platform

Coassemble is an all-in-one online training platform that keeps things simple, sleek, and streamlined so your team can train the easy way.


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Coassemble Lifetime Deal

Educating and training your employees is hard. In-person training means sitting through dozens of presentations and documents. It’s inefficient, boring for your team, and it can be tricky to keep all that information up to date.

If you are a growing team working remotely — getting everyone up to speed can be even trickier (especially due to COVID-19 😰)!

This is the reality of employee education today.

Your team would be a lot better at learning in a convenient, engaging and interactive way. 

With Coassemble, trainers and learners stay on the same page, literally.

Use drag and drop templates to create bite-size online courses to share with your team — wherever they are.

Integrate training into your daily workflow with enrollment links and dig into the analytics for insights.

The superior UX means you can build courses in minutes and your team can navigate through the information they need easily.

Just log-on, connect, and Coassemble.

Simply Drag & Drop To Build Beautiful Interactive Courses, With Personalized Certificates For Training Recognition.

LMS users want a better experience (83% of them say so). That’s why Coassemble created one.

A UX-driven platform that lets you translate your business knowledge into clear, concise, and easily digestible courses, so you can get your team the information they need, when they need it.

Building a course is easy. You can start with a course template or use any of the 40 customizable, drag-and-drop lesson templates, each fully customizable using the WYSIWYG editor. Live edit and update means that you can update in one place and it will roll out everywhere, so if you change a process you can make sure you get that information to your team right away!

Completed the course? Add a personalized finish screen, blasting confetti to celebrate and issue a certificate at the end of the course to make the whole experience fun & rewarding!

Works Like A Charm On Any Device

Share in-house knowledge from the couch, on the train, from a conference, or anywhere in the world with internet access. The platform is fully mobile-responsive to get teams up to speed, wherever they are — perfect when you are all working from home.

Just send out your enrollment links and your team will be able to self enroll into your course — that means you can send a bulk email, pop the link in a Slack channel or share it in a Facebook group. Reach your team with training in any platform they use!

Advanced Analytics To Get Actionable Insights

Track team progress so no one gets left behind. Easily measure how your collective knowledge translates into performance and results. You can then hone in on insights so you can refine and improve your training over time.

Use Zapier to integrate your training with your tech stack. Whether that’s Slack, your in-house CMS, or your own app, Coassemble can easily integrate with over 1500+ apps, quietly streamlining your workflow and improving your team’s efficiency and performance — maximizing your results!

Get a lifetime deal to Coassemble now!

Lifetime Access to Coassemble

Kickstarter Plan

✔️ Learning Management System & Authoring tool all-in-one
✔️ Build online courses & training material
✔️ 250 active users,
✔️ Unlimited course creation
✔️ Custom subdomain
✔️ Unlimited storage
✔️ Zapier integrations
✔️ Access to course creation templates; includes interactive lesson templates and quizzes
✔️ Advanced branding
✔️ Course analytics and reporting

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Coassemble Lifetime Deal
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