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Build Flexible Websites & E-commerce Stores

Manage the content and the features of your websites and e-commerce through a powerful back end.


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Codelia | Build Flexible Websites & E-commerce Stores 1

Stop buying fancy tools, and keep reinventing the wheel everytime you want to build a new website (or) an e-commerce store.

You need a tool that can help you build great looking web pages, and stores within your current website.

Wait, what about the loading speed, SEO etc.? (I hear ya!!)

Codelia is a customizable headless CMS that helps you develop websites and e-commerce that loads blazing fast, with maximum flexibility by coding with every programming language or framework.

Log in to your Codelia account, and you can see the number of websites created, teammates & clients who have access to the websites, utilized bandwidth etc. from your dashboard.

Choose the type of site you want to build – a static website, or an Ecommerce store, and generate API token to develop by using your favorite technology stack, under the settings menu.

Start building a site by adding inputs such as Name of the site, SEO Title, Description, SEO Index, Publishing Date, Status, etc. once you from the Edit section

You can pretty much add any Pages like Home Page, About Us Page, Contact Us Page, etc. with a few clicks using the Manage icon.

Make sure to define the control whenever you want to add a field – For eg: If you try to add a Rich Text Field for one of your pages, you should add the type of control, maximum length, etc.

Codelia | Build Flexible Websites & E-commerce Stores 2

Also, you can group the elements using the “Group” feature and customize the pages (colours, fonts, alignment, etc.) of your website’s front-end to match your brand.

The eCommerce section facilitates you to customize the inventory section, Customer details you need to collect, Orders, Order Value, Currency, Shipping methods, etc.

The inventory management helps you keep track of the inventory for each of your eCommerce stores built with Codelia.

You can customize the user roles according to your requirements, such as read-only, Editor access, etc. for each of your websites.

Security section shows you the check on the recent logins from your teammates & clients, and also their failed attempts.

You can block specific IPs and set up the security as High, Medium or Low based on the action you want to take during login attempts from specific domains

You can also block some domains for a specific date and time with this setting.

Normally, the users of Codelia should pay around $76 every month to avail of its Large plan

Today, you can get the same plan with 10 websites, 10 GB space and unlimited users on a lifetime deal for just $29

You can stack upto 5 codes and enjoy unlimited no. of websites with 100 GB space in your account for lifetime

Build websites without any limits. Publish them with Codelia!

Get a lifetime deal to Codelia now!

Contentful, Agility CMS

Lifetime Access to Codelia

✔️ 10 Websites
✔️ 10 GB of Space
✔️ Unlimited TeamMates
✔️ Unlimited Clients
✔️ Unlimited Custom Pages & Elements
✔️ Unlimited Elements Groups
✔️ Unlimited Controls
✔️ Unlimited Content Items
✔️ Unlimited Languages
✔️ Unlimited API Access
✔️ Multilingual Support
✔️ SEO Checker
✔️ E-commerce – Manage Orders & Customers, Shipping Methods, Payment Methods & Coupons
✔️ Inventory Management
✔️ Custom Checkout Flows
✔️ Logins Security Check & Security Alerts (All Security Levels)
✔️ CMS Hosting Included
✔️ Stack up to 5 codes per account
✔️ 60 days refund policy

✔️ 20 Websites
✔️ 20 GB of Space
✔️ All above features included

✔️ 30 Websites
✔️ 30 GB of Space
✔️ All above features included

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