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Boost retargeting ad profits with ConnectAudience

ConnectAudience allows you to build custom audiences from any list to retarget them with Facebook ads.


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ConnectAudience is a powerful platform that allows you to run email retargeting campaigns on Facebook Social Media Network.

If you want to retarget people who opened your email but didn’t click on a link? Easy with ConnectAudience.

If you want to retarget people that didn’t open your email yet? No problem with this tool.

This is possible because ConnectAudience syncs your subscriber lists directly into a Facebook Custom Audience inside your Advertising account and  it is 100% approved by Facebook.

ConnectAudience allows you to build custom audiences from any list to retarget them with Facebook ads. It’s perfect if you want to get the most out of your subscribers, even if your lists are small.  You can run ultra-targeted ads to your customers for promotions, upcoming events, and other incentives. This will increase leads, goodwill, brand awareness, and – last but not least – sales!

Get yearly access to ConnectAudience now!

Yearly Access to ConnectAudience

✔️ Create Unlimited Email Retargeting Audiences
✔️ Use & Connect Unlimited Autoresponders & Email Lists
✔️ Exclusive Bonus Package
✔️ Premium Email Support
✔️ 30 Day Refund Guarantee

Save 94%

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ConnectAudience yearly deal grabltd
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