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Copysmith | AI Copywriter Tool 2

Staring at a blank page trying to brainstorm copy is both frustrating and time-consuming.

Thankfully, you now have an exciting new tool at your disposal to help solve this particular predicament.

The name of that tool is Copysmith… and it’s here just in the nick of time to make all your copywriting woes go away for good.

Copysmith uses state-of-the-art machine learning tricks to allow you to experiment with copy faster and more efficiently.

With Copysmith, you can brainstorm, manage, and evaluate copy all in the same place.

Copysmithing is also up to 50X faster than copywriting.

Copysmith is an amazing new tool for generating high-performing copy for all your marketing needs, from Google/Facebook/Instagram ads, product descriptions, and taglines. Using the power of artificial intelligence, Copysmith writes copy word by word, which means it’s completely original. The qualitative assessment is that it’s as good as human-written copy, except you don’t waste time on email back and forth or on brainstorming. It also integrates beautifully with Shopify, WordPress, and Gmail. Copysmith is your one-step content marketing tool.

#5 Product of the Week and #2 Product of the Day with 1,200+ Upvotes on Product Hunt

  • Automatically generate high-performing Google ads, Facebook ads, product descriptions, taglines, SEO metatags, & more
  • Get a dozen ads at the click of a button
  • Edit your copy & see how it’d show up on Google, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Manage your campaigns cross-platform all in the same place.
  • Share your copy with teammates & get their feedback
  • Export your generations as CSV

Get lifetime access to Copysmith now!

Lifetime Access to Copysmith


✔️25 generations per month
✔️Google and Facebook ads
✔️Product descriptions
✔️SEO metatags
✔️Instagram ads
✔️All other content types upcoming in Starter Plan (e.g. sales emails)
✔️Landing pages (coming soon) will be included but will consume additional credits

Save 94%

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