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CUX.io Lifetime Deal

Easiest & Fastest way to Understand the Humans behind your Screen

Cux is a brilliant tool, which helps you test and understand how your users experience your website. Cux allows for easy in-depth analysis of every user’s behavior. With Cux, you can see what every visitor/user is doing on your website real-time. The CUX.io lifetime deal is now available on SaaS Mantra.

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💥 Conversion rate based on page loads, events and combined with visit recordings.

💥 CUX automatically capture events on your website.

💥 Predefined alerts and metrics which let you stay up to date with real user experience.

💥 User behaviours typical for a specific category, or type of subpage visualised as a heatmap.

💥 Immediate integration, real-time visit preview, rapid support. Quick win.

💥 Pixel perfect picture of the hottest spots on your website for ALL devices and resolutions.

CUX.io 1
CUX.io 2
CUX.io Lifetime Access


Value $5850

You Save: 98%

30-day money back guarantee!

What’s included in the CUX.io Lifetime Deal?

⚡️ Unlimited Heatmaps
⚡️ Unlimited Events
⚡️ Unlimited Funnels
⚡️ Advanced Filters
⚡️ 2 Projects
⚡️ 4 Team Members
⚡️ 5,000 recordings
⚡️ All the features of Lollipop plan are included
Future updates & integrations

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