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User onboarding, feature adoption, and trial to premium conversion are a few of the success factors of every SaaS business.


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Dashfrugal | Customer Onboarding & Retention Tool 2

A great user onboarding helps your user to understand more about your product or service. It not only helps the user to learn the application/service quickly but also motivates them to achieve the product/service values faster.

Product training can be a bit overwhelming for both the company and the user however having a centralized platform where both B2B and B2C companies can manage user onboarding and product training while providing real-time support will only enrich the overall user onboarding experience. And, a successful onboarding drives the user to experience that “Wow” moment very early during the product days which also helps to increase your customer retention rate.

Dashfrugal – A digital user onboarding platform built for product-driven companies that enables them to create in-app product training and walkthrough effortlessly that improves the software users task efficiency and productivity rate.

Create an awesome in-app product training and user onboarding flows that look native to your interface and drive software users to product activation faster. With Dashfrugal, it is very easy to customize overall user onboarding that starts from a user welcome video to advanced product training.

  • Get 3x Speed in your software feature adoption
  • Get 60% more effectiveness in customer onboarding
  • See up to 75% reduction in customer onboarding and training cost
Dashfrugal | Customer Onboarding & Retention Tool 3

Learn more about Dashfrugal

  • Onboard
  • Assist
  • Retain
  • Convert your software into success
  • Helps your customers to be software pro
  • Guide your customers to product values faster
  • The Real Product-led growth platform
  • Feature Adoption
  • Allow the user to adopt it quickly
  • Onboarding insight
  • Widget Customization

The benefits of using Dashfrugal?

Easy Onboarding = More Conversion – Dashfrugal accelerate your software feature adoption and that will increase your conversion.
Deliver a Real-Time Customer Onboarding – Dashfrugal assist SaaS companies to deliver a real time self onboarding assistance.
Early Feature Adoption = Less Churn Rate – One of the important reason for customer churn is difficulty in adopting the software features. Dashfrugal’s hassle free onboarding tool helps your customers familiarize with any software easily, that reduces the customers churn to an extent.
Productive and Effective – Dashfrugal helps you to design a productive and effective customer onboarding steps.
Reducing Customer Onboarding Time – Dashfrugal helps product-led companies to reduce the customer onboarding time.
Instant Support, Reduced Tickets – No doubt every customer may have some confusions during their self onboarding journey. Offer self-service and human support instantly before they leave your platform.

How Dashfrugal Works?

Step 1 – Build your user onboarding experience using our amazing templates.

Step 2 – Activate and target right users. Help your customers to find values faster.

Step 3 – Analyse the effectiveness of customer onboarding and understand customer insights.

Customers – SaaS Companies

Competitors – Appcues, Userguiding, Whatfix

Get a lifetime deal to Dashfrugal now!

Lifetime Access to Dashfrugal

✔️ 5,000 Active Onboarding per month
✔️ 2 Account Manager Seats
✔️ Interactive walkthroughs
✔️ Actions & Redirects
✔️ Video-Guided Tours
✔️ Targeted Responses
✔️ On-Boarding Checklists
✔️ Feedbacks & Forms
✔️ Step-by-Step Guidance
✔️ Co-Browsing
✔️ Interactive Help Center
✔️ Account-Based Triggering
✔️ Account Managers
✔️ On-Boarding Analysis
✔️ 60 Days Refund Policy

✔️ 10,000 Active Onboarding per month
✔️ 4 Account Manager Seats
✔️ Rest all the $49 Plan Features
✔️ 60 Days Refund Policy

✔️ 20,000 Active Onboarding per month
✔️ 8 Account Manager Seats
✔️ Rest all the $49 Plan Features
✔️ 60 Days Refund Policy

✔️ 50,000 Active Onboarding per month
✔️ 12 Account Manager Seats
✔️ Rest all the $49 Plan Features
✔️ 60 Days Refund Policy

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