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Generate leads with stunning presentation decks

Create stunning presentation decks with premade templates in minutes. Add lead generation forms to your presentation and capture leads on the go in the #1 lead generation presentation platform.


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Creating a presentation that’s both visually appealing and engaging can be time-consuming.

Most people don’t have the skills to create stunning presentations on their own, but they also don’t want to pay for expensive design services.

With Decktopus you can create stunning presentations in minutes inside the easy-to-use platform. You won’t need any design experience or costly tools like Photoshop.

Simply select one of the 1000+ templates and fully customize it so it fits your brand perfectly!

The best thing? You can add lead generation forms directly inside your presentation to generate leads on autopilot.

Decktopus is the smartest way to design beautiful presentations in minutes and to generate leads inside your decks.

Add lead generation forms into your deck, connect your custom domain and capture leads from anywhere.

Choose From 1000s Of Templates With The Perfect Style And Design To Match Any Presentation

Decktopus helps you create the perfect presentation for any occasion, with 1000s of presentation templates that fit your brand and design style.

All you have to do is choose a type of presentation, browse one of the conversion-optimized deck designs, and add in your content!

Decktopus will take care of the rest, including color, alignment, size and more, to make sure each slide looks on point.

Decktopus Gives You Access To An Endless Library Of Images, Videos And More

It’s hard and time-consuming to make sure all slides are consistent in design.

Then we are not even talking about that co-worker that is doing ‘small’ edits in your presentation and accidentally changing the font to Comic Sans😅.

With Decktopus, any style changes you make are automatically applied to the full presentation, ensuring consistency.

Decktopus automatically suggests content that suits your slide topic. You can add GIFs, royalty-free images, and relevant quotes to your slides with the Unsplash, Pixabay, Giphy, and Icons8 integration.

Add Your Lead Generation Forms And Capture Leads On Autopilot

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could generate leads directly inside your presentations?

With Decktopus you can easily add forms for lead generation purposes, add questionnaires for product feedback, contact forms, and much more, directly inside your presentations and documents.

This allows you to seamlessly collect user information, feedback and generate leads.

It’s like PowerPoint & Typeform got an ultra-smart baby.

Easily Share Your Presentation Online On Your Branded Custom Domain

Whether you are presenting at a conference or sending a deck to your prospects, the easy-to-use online presentation interface helps you to nail both.

You can share your presentation with a link on your custom domain and store your decks on the platform, so they’re available both online and offline.

No need to download any external program to create, edit and distribute the document.

You can embed your presentations into your website, connect your custom domain or share it with the default online sharing link.

The Only Presentation Tool That Allows You To Create Beautiful, High-Quality Presentation Decks That Generate Leads


Decktopus is more than a slideshow tool. It’s your personal presentation assistant & lead generation engine.

Get a yearly access Decktopus now! 

Yearly Access to Decktopus


✔️ 1000s of themes & templates
✔️ Unlimited documents & presentations
✔️ Pro themes
✔️ Image, GIF, Icon & Quote Libraries
✔️ Export PDF & PowerPoint
✔️ Online Sharing
✔️ Collaboration
✔️ Change Colors, Fonts, Templates
✔️ Rehearse Mode
✔️ Body Language & Presentation Tips
✔️ Record your voice on slides
✔️ Embed presentations into your website
✔️ All future plan updates

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