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AI powered tools are built to help develop your ideas.

AI technology to generate and customize hundreds of professional logos and full branding kits.


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Your brand. Your logo. It is the core of how your business is being perceived. Chances are that your current logo and branding could use a 2020 upgrade.

You have probably tested several logo generators, but they create either ugly or standard, ‘stocky’, logos.

Or you could have thought about hiring this expensive designer that charges you for every little detail that you want in your logo. For the coming 10 years. 🤓

Well. Let’s not go there.

Meet Logomaker by! This is not your standard logo creation tool.

The only logo creator that can generate 100% fully unique brands

What makes Logomaker by different?

This is the world´s only logo and branding creator platform that can generate 100% fully unique logos based on their AI technology.

  • Millions of assets including icons, fonts, and color palettes. Logomaker’s ever-expanding library ensures that you have everything you need to create high-quality
  • AI-generated icons. Save time with automated icon generation to create a brand that is fully unique and beautiful
  • Create a full branding kit. Opt for the premium package and get a branding kit complete with logo narration, logo variation, sample merchandise, and many more!
  • Downloadable in multiple formats and dimensions. Download your logos in high resolution in either JPG, PNG, SVG, and PDF.
  • Smart editor. Easily edit your logo’s colors, text, and icons, no Photoshop background required.
  • Smooth integration with other tools. Save your brand’s logo, mockup, color palette, and font family in your assets, and easily integrate them into your other design creations.
  • Collaborate and share your designs with your team members.
  • Runs on your browser. Logomaker runs entirely on your internet browser, no need for complicated software installation
  • Tailor made for freelancers, small business owners, enterprises, and marketplace sellers

Who uses Logomaker?

  • Freelancers that need logos for themselves or for their clients’ branding needs.
  • Marketplace Sellers that want to stand out in their respective markets with a stunning personalized logo.
  • First-time Business Owners that have no marketing or design background.
  • Small Business Owners that need brand logos but lack the budget and technical know-how.
  • Enterprises that are looking for a faster way to create logos for their various products.

Examples of the AI generated logos.


Get Lifetime access to Designs now!

Lifetime Access to

✔️ AI logo and branding kit generator
✔️ 10 logo maker credits (stackable)
✔️ High-resolution files
✔️ 5 different variations
✔️ Includes a full branding Kit
✔️ Full ownership
✔️ Unlimited changes
✔️ Social media kit
✔️ Free narration
✔️ 30-day Money Back Guarantee

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