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Simplifying Your Business Documentation

DocsCloud Allows You To Simplify and Digitize Various Documentation Processes For You and Your Business!


Value $180.00/Year
DocsCloud | Simplifying Your Business Documentation 1

What if we tell you that you can digitize and host your entire Business Documentation process in one place?

This way, you don’t have to rely on multiple tools for document management, forms, signature, publishing, data extraction, and much more thus helping you to reduce the efforts of manual work for each documentation whilst saving you a lot of time and multiple recurring expenses.

Having proper documentation is crucial and with the help of this tool, you can exactly solve that problem.

DocsCloud DocsCloud is a web-based software platform that helps you create web forms, generate the filled documents from templates, manage & get the documents digitally signed, host the documents & extract the text from the documents & images.

DocsCloud helps you automate the various aspects of your routine documentation activities. The platform allows you to create & embed web forms, generate filled documents by mapping them with the forms or integrating them with the API/Plugins, perform end-to-end creation and management of digital signatures, perform the data extraction from documents and allow you to host your documents for easy access. 

DocsCloud covers wing to wing digitization of documents that are involved at various stages of the business cycle. The most significant advantage is that the users get all these capabilities under a platform. DocsCloud is a form builder + document generation + document hosting + digital signature platform + OCR from documents. 

DocsCloud | Simplifying Your Business Documentation 2

An All-in-One Digital Platform For Creating, Managing, and Sharing The Documents That Your Business Relies On Every Day!

Learning more about DocsCloud, it offers 5 Modules and much more –

1. DocSignature – The fastest way to get the documents signed digitally. Create or upload documents and get them digitally signed by multiple parties (signees). Businesses of any size can now simplify the creation and management of agreements.

2. Form Builder – Form Builder provides a quick & easy interface to create flexible forms. Embed them anywhere or the user directly.

3. DocTemplate – Master the art of document generation using DocTemplate. It strives to make the process of creating business documents easy and helps you to avoid writing tedious contracts, forms, and templates. 

4. DocPublisher – The simplest way to host your documents. Publish documents about everything from product docs to knowledge bases, help books, FAQs & policies.

5. DocExtractor – Put data extraction on an auto-pilot mode. How about DocsCloud extracts the data from your business documents and makes the data available wherever you want?

DocsCloud also offers –

Webhook Integration – Get automatically notified when the transaction gets completed in DocsCloud. DocsCloud modules connects with Webhook to share information. Perform direct integration with platforms like Slack, Discord & similar.

Native Plugins – DocsCloud plugins available in prominent automation platforms. Connect with Zapier, Pabbly Connect, and Integrately.

API Integration – Update your business application endpoint to collect the data. Single-click to get the integration details for forms & templates. Generate the documents using API integration & receive the document in the response.

Secure & Encrypted – DocsCloud uses a leading web security layer to avoid network attacks. The platform communication happens over the HTTPS layer. Your files are encrypted when stored.

What’s the Benefit of using DocsCloud?

  • Generate the documents in bulk by uploading the CSV file.
  • Send your documents for a digital signature to one or multiple recipients/
  • Authenticate the signee before they sign the document. 
  • Real-time data extraction from documents without any dependency on other commercial platforms.
  • Configurable options to manage the public visibility of the documents hosted on the DocsCloud
  • All capabilities are available on the same platform.
  • Low cost
  • Stable API (integration) layer

Best Suited For –

  • SMBs and SMEs
  • Online Businesses
  • Startups
  • Freelancers
  • Small Agencies
  • Solopreneurs
  • Professionals

Alternate For – PandaDoc and DocuSign

Get a lifetime deal to DocsCloud now!

Lifetime Access to DocsCloud

Plan A

✔️ 200 Documents (per month)
✔️ 500 Signatures (per month)
✔️ Multiple Signees/Document
✔️ Rich Media Editor
✔️ PDF Templates
✔️ Webhook
✔️ Audit Log
✔️ Reminders & Notifications
✔️ Unlimited Storage
✔️ Basic Access to Form Builder, DocTemplate, DocPublisher & DocExtract Modules
✔️ Non-Stackable
✔️ 60 Days Refund Policy

Plan B

✔️ Form Builder – 20 Active Forms
✔️ Form Builder – Rule Engine
✔️ Form Builder – Form Embed
✔️ DocTemplate – 20 Active Templates
✔️ DocTemplate – Image & PDF Templates
✔️ DocTemplate – Bulk Generation
✔️ DocTemplate – Conditional Content
✔️ DocTemplate – Webhook, Integration & Plugin Access
✔️ Unlimited Submission, Storage & Views
✔️ Basic Access of DocSignature, DocPublisher & DocExtract Modules
✔️ Non-Stackable
✔️ 60 Days Refund Policy

Plan C

✔️ $49 DocSignature Plan A + $97 Form Builder and DocTemplate Plan B, both combined in this plan
✔️ DocPublisher – Publish up to 30 Active Documents
✔️ DocPublisher – Viewer’s Authentication
✔️ DocPublisher – Public Folders
✔️ Unlimited Submission, Storage & Views
✔️ Basic Access of DocExtract Modules

Plan D

✔️ Complete DocsCloud Bundle –
✔️ $145 DocsCloud Plan C Included (DocSignature, FormBuilder, DocTemplate, DocPublisher)
✔️ DocExtractor – Up to 1000 Documents OCR (per month)
✔️ DocExtractor – Upload Option, Re-process
✔️ Unlimited Submission, Storage & Views

Save 94%

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DocsCloud Lifetime Deal
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