doopoll Lifetime Deal

Create Brilliant Surveys. Show Real-Time Results. With Zero Fuss.

doopoll is the all-in-one survey & forms platform that makes getting feedback a breeze with beautiful surveys that get 3x more responses. Track responses in real-time. Get fast insights with autogenerated charts.


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doopoll Lifetime Deal

Getting feedback is hard.

You have to spend hours designing a survey, collecting data and then interpreting the results. It takes forever!

doopoll makes it easy to get feedback with surveys that convert 3x better than traditional ones because they are beautiful and interactive. And you can collect responses in real-time so you’ll know what people think as soon as possible. Plus, the analytics dashboard gives you instant insights into your data.

Create Beautiful Conversion Optimized Surveys That Get 3x More Responses

You don’t want to create a survey. You want to set it up and get responses as quickly as possible.

doopoll has removed all of those unnecessary things and distractions other tools put in your way, so you can get as many responses as possible.

Creating a survey is easy, you can either start from scratch in the drag & drop editor or use one of the hundreds of templates to start your survey.

Simple Question Types, Beautifully Designed For Any Device

Normal survey software has questions like a matrix, a Likert and so many things that don’t even sound like real words. This makes it difficult for people to complete your survey.

doopoll is different.

With doopoll, you get question types that humans really respond to. In fact, doopoll surveys get 3-4x more responses because they’re easy to use. Choose from:

Slider questions – drag a slider along a scale to indicate the strength of feeling. Intuitive and accessible.

Button questions – multiple-choice, yes/no, or whatever you’re feeling. Big buttons. Designed for thumbs.

Open text – Other survey tools have this. But then you need to analyze the responses one-by-one. With doopoll you can analyze the responses in real-time with machine learning to tell you exactly how your respondents are feeling.

Hundreds Of Survey Templates Designed By Survey Experts

We know how it is: you’ve got a survey in mind but don’t have the time to create new questions for your research.

That’s doopoll offers pre-written templates that are tailored towards specific types of surveys, so all you need to do is fill in the blanks!

Surveying customers? Use the Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) and Customer Effort Score (CES) templates with a single click.

Poll for employees? Use the Employee Satisfaction, Employee Benefits and Manager Feedback templates.

Running an event? Grab the pre-event planning template, annual general meeting template, or post-event feedback template.

Get 3x More Responses With Conversion Optimized Surveys By Doopoll

doopoll is the conversion-optimized survey platform that will help you get 3x more responses.

Get a lifetime deal to doopoll now!

Lifetime Access to doopoll

Plus Plan

✔️ 1 user
✔️ 250 responses per month per survey
✔️ Collect emails at end of survey
✔️ Add logo and custom branding
✔️ Light doopoll branding
✔️ Export results
✔️ Realtime sentiment analysis
✔️ Exclusive monthly webinars
✔️ Big screen presenter
✔️ Integrate with Zapier
✔️ All future plan updates
✔️ 30-day Money Back Guarantee

Super Plan

✔️ 20 users
✔️ 4000 responses per month per survey
✔️ All above features included

Enterprise Plan

✔️ 40 users
✔️ 10,000 responses per month per survey
✔️ White label surveys
✔️ No doopoll branding
✔️ All above features included

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doopoll Lifetime Deal
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