Easynote Lifetime Deal

Work And Project Management Software

Created with simplicity in mind Easynote can help you manage from simple to most complex projects.


Value $8000.00/year
Easynote Lifetime Deal

Are you tired of all project management and collaboration apps that are too complicated to use and have features that you don’t even need?

Created with simplicity in mind Easynote can help you manage from simple to most complex projects.

It has one of the cleanest UX/UI on the market. The intuit design will help you set your project within the minutes.

No more spending hours on the tutorials and reading community forums to find out how software that you just buy is working.

Set your projects and tasks within minutes. Invite your team and start collaborating like never before.

With over 50 templates for any industry, you can now use one app to do what used to take you more than 10 apps to do.

If that wasn’t amazing enough, you can do all that for just a small fraction of the cost of the standalone apps you’re currently using.

Features Easynote:

Easyview – With Easyview you are working in a grid. People think in grids, not in a hierarchy. It’s an intuitive, flat way to organize information.

It gives a great overview of your tasks and data, allowing you to add unlimited widgets to further organize your projects.

Widgets – Add an unlimited number of widgets to your projects and rename them to your liking to organize your work. If you are used to Excel, you will feel right at home.

Import everything from monday.com, Asana, Trello, or Excel: Smoothly import data from other software into Easynote to continue your work in a matter of minutes.

Find anything you want with Anysearch: One of the most powerful features of the new Easynote is its search engine. Find information instantly and quickly in one place.

Get updated with Easy Notifications: We will notify you about any changes made by anyone in your team so you are always up to date with your daily work.

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Get lifetime access to Easyview now!

Lifetime Access to Easyview

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✔️1 GB File Uploads
✔️20 GB Storage
✔️Real-time notifications
✔️Link sharing
✔️Unlimited Tasks and projects
✔️Unlimited Team members

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Easynote Lifetime Deal
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