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Elite Licenser is a WordPress plugin for any types of product licensing. It also manages product updates, auto generates license code, built in Envato licensing verification system, full license control and more


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Have you ever wanted to protect your software or application from unauthorized use?

You want to make sure that you are getting the most out of your product and that it is being used in a way that benefits you. But how do you know if someone has been using it without permission?

Elite Licenser is a WordPress software license manager plugin for any type of product licensing. It helps manage product updates, license code auto-generation, a built-in Envato licensing verification system, full license control, and a licensing system that can be added to your WordPress plugins or themes without prior programming knowledge.

An Elite Licenser is a WordPress software license manager plugin for any type of product licensing. It helps manage product updates, license code auto-generation, a built-in Envato licensing verification system, full license control, and a licensing system that can be added to your WordPress plugins or themes without prior programming knowledge. It is easy to use a lightweight and user-friendly plugin for WordPress.You can handle your product in your own style.

Who should use this license manager?

Elite Licenser is one of the best WordPress license manager plugins that you may experience. This very license manager allows you to control the use and activation of the software, plugins, themes, apps, etc. One of the premium features of this license is to protect the unofficial usages of software and products. With that a company will start to generate more revenue from their software products and the revenue will increase up to 70%. Moreover, this license is highly recommended for the companies who sell themes, plugins, apps, etc for more revenues & profits.

Key Features:

  • Generate license automatically on product purchase.
  • One license manager plugin for any type of product.
  • Provide automatic product update to your customer.
  • Control your license usages. (no. of website, no. of times)
  • Track your license usages. (no. of website, no. of times)
  • It has a full set of APIs, you can use it for any application.
  • 3rd party Integration enabled. (Envato, WooCommerce, FastSpring, Paddle)
  • Generate sample codes of complete WordPress plugins and themes.
  • Generate sample codes of PHP Web App, C#.net, vb.net, etc.
  • Drag n Drop licensing for WordPress theme & Plugin. (Zero Coding)
  • Create custom license type & maintain support and expiration time.
  • Auto host ban.
  • Remove license from user’s application at any time.
  • Export license keys & clients list as CSV.

What more you can do with Elite Licenser?

  • No nulled version application anymore: You can protect your products with Elite License. Just generate a license script and add that to your product. It’s that simple.
  • One licensing app for any type of product: You can use this license manager for any type of application. Like you can create multiple WordPress plugins, WordPress themes, any PHP application including Joomla and other CMS or .net or java or android application, etc. That means one app for all types of applications.
  • Automatic product update: This license manager has also a product updating feature. You just add details of new versions using a simple web panel and then your app will get an update notification. Like if your product is a WordPress plugin or theme then the update will display as a core WordPress update.
  • 3rd party app hook (instant notification): It has a hook system for instant notification of 3rd party apps. It means when a client or license will be added into this system then this system will inform 3rd party apps ( like Membership App) that a new client or license has been added with all clients or license information.
  • Envato integration: You will get a build-in Envato license verification system. So you can easily handle your Envato license as well as other marketplace licenses. Even you can add your own integration for any other marketplace as a simple add-on plugin.
  • Plug and play code generation: You can generate sample codes of complete WordPress plugins and themes which you could directly install on WordPress. It also generates other language sample codes too.
  • Fast spring payment gateway supported: Yes, you can generate license key automatically from FAST Spring Payment Gateway.
  • Paddle payment gateway: License key auto-generation is also possible from Paddle Payment Gateway
  • Auto host ban: If anyone attempts to activate the product repeatedly with an incorrect license it will block that host (domain) automatically. The host(domain) will no longer be able to use any of your products and you will get those hosts’ lists into its panel.
  • Complete API support: This license manager has complete API support for 3rd party app. You can also control the API permission.
  • Email template: It helps to modify pre-existing templates to send emails to customers. We are requesting to see it in live preview and you will find how smooth and straightforward it is.
  • Custom license type: You can create many custom license types like single license, multi-license, 1-year license, etc. You can also set the max domain on each license type. Also, you can detect forum sharing as you can set a verification counter as well. It means if you set a multi-license with 50 domains and verification required on 10 domains then clients need to verify manually by you to add each domain after 10.
  • Remove license at any time: You can forcefully remove licenses from the client’s product. If you think that a client steals your license or still is using your product after being refunded.
  • One app handles your all application: You just need to install this license manager once and then you can use it in your all app. Don’t need to take any other service or application. You can also use the Envato license system. Effortless and uncomplicated for any author or developer.
  • Url-based restrictions: This license manager plugin restricts a license key with a URL which means if someone installs your app example.com/app and also installs example.com/app2 or app2.example.com then for each case they require an individual license key if they purchase a single license key. So no more usage after buying a single license.
  • Detail license information: You can get details of license information. There is also a log of when and where it has been installed.
  • Continuously license code protection: We always think about the future and we code our products accordingly. Normally in another licenser app, you can check the license on each load time but here you can either choose on each load time or you can set multiple settings of calling for a license. For example, you can set the first 3 times it will check hourly and then it will check once in a day for 5 times and then it will check once in a week and continue. But you can also inactive that license from this app anytime. If you change the license key status then that license key holder app will check immediately.
  • Drag n drop licensing for WordPress: You can easily add licensing into your WordPress Theme or Plugin using Drag N Drop. You don’t need any coding skills for this.

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✔️ Friendly UI & UX
✔️ Email Templates
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✔️ Translation Ready


✔️ Unlimited Products licensing
✔️ Unlimited Licensing for all product
✔️ API List
✔️ 24/7/365 Support
✔️ Friendly UI & UX
✔️ Email Templates
✔️ Webhooks
✔️ Translation Ready
✔️ All Above Feature Included

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