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Emojics Lifetime Deal

Convert more visitors into customers with Emojics.

Emojics is fastest way to engage with your users and learn from them. Allow your users to give you useful feedback in an easy and fast way. Get a 10x users feedback, effortlessly and faster that helps you analyze your data better. Analyze the user’s feeling in real time and see what content or product are liked the most by them. The Emojics lifetime deal is now available on PitchGround.

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💥 ENGAGE: Get more leads and feedback from your users based on their feelings
💥 CAPTURE: Reaction buttons makes giving and getting feedback fun for users and easy for companies
💥 ANALYZE: Analyze the users’ feelings, which contents or products are more successful among your audience
💥 IMPROVE: We provide you with fresh data that will help to improve your contents or products and increase your growth

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Grab the PitchGround plan of Emojics


Value $395.3/Year

Save 95%

30-day money back guarantee!

What’s included in the Emojics Lifetime Deal?

⚡️ Advanced and Real Time Analytics
⚡️ Advanced Customizations
⚡️ Unlimited Data History
⚡️ Automation Campaigns
⚡️ URL Targeting Rules
⚡️ Real-Time Analytics
⚡️ URL Triggers
⚡️ Mail widget included
⚡️ Zapier integration

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