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Smart Way Of Collecting Feedback

Reinventing how companies collect users feedback online. Let your users express how they feel with the reaction buttons.


Value $1140.00/year
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Why do you think that your users doesn’t reply to your feedback emails and some rather choose to unsubscribe from your mailing list? Especially when you ask them for their feedback after selling a product or providing a service? It’s kind of frustrating!

But why do you think did they do that? It’s simple – the way you chose to get feedback from your users was more frustrating for them. Nobody wants to write an essay these days in your type of feedback emails. It’s time for you to become smart and choose a smarter way of making your users think more in an emojical way!

Meet Emojics, a tool that let your users express how they feel with its reaction buttons.


  • ENGAGE: Get more leads and feedback from your users based on their feelings
  • CAPTURE: Reaction buttons makes giving and getting feedback fun for users and easy for companies
  • ANALYZE: Analyze the users’ feelings, which contents or products are more successful among your audience
  • IMPROVE: We provide you with fresh data that will help to improve your contents or products and increase your growth


Convert more visitors into customers with Emojics. Analyze the user’s feeling in real time and see what content or product are liked the most by them.

Get lifetime access to Emojics now!

Lifetime Access to Emojics (Whitelabel Agency)

Whitelabel PRO

✔️ 15K Reactions per month for sub-accounts
✔️ 5 Clients sub-accounts
✔️ 5 Sub-accounts websites
✔️ Future Features and Updates
✔️ 30-days Refund Policy

Whitelabel GROWTH

✔️ Up to 50K Reactions per month sub-accounts
✔️ 15 Clients sub-accounts
✔️ 30 Sub-accounts websites
✔️ Future Features and Updates
✔️ 30-days Refund Policy

Save 95%

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Emojics Lifetime Deal Grabltd
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