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Emojise | Collect User Feedback Using Emojis 1

To improve your service / product / content, you will need to listen to your audience. But, collecting the feedback ain’t easy.

No matter how creative you get, it’s always challenging to get feedback.

On an average, 2% of the customers respond to a survey (that is if you’re lucky) which is not enough to understand their needs better.

Help your audience to express themselves better, but making things simple for them.

Emojise is a feedback tool that you can embed anywhere to collect 10x more feedback.

Start creating a widget from your Emojise dashboard, by entering the name of your widget, usually the website/project name, where you will be displaying the widget after.

Choose from the 300+ emojis to collect more specific feedback from your audience. You can choose to display the widget as a floating bar, or inline.

While you’re working on the design, you can preview the same on the right hand side.

Emojise | Collect User Feedback Using Emojis 2

Next, choose the widget position, and set up the trigger to display the widgets all the time (or) after a particular delay.

You can also exclude/include certain pages of your website where you want to show the widget to collect feedback.

It’s time to brand the appearance of the widget. You can change the widget color, button text, title & subtitle, number of emojis, thank you message, etc. to meet your branding requirements.

The “Element Screenshot” feature would help your audience to share the issues on your website/product by highlighting the respective portion of your webpage.

You can also let your users upvote for the feedback that are posted by others. It’s kind of like polls within the surveys (More Power to You!)

This way, you can collect the authentic feedback much faster.

Once you’re happy with the design & content, you can generate the HTML code that you can embed anywhere on your website (or) blog (or) email to start collecting the feedback.

You can track the responses, average rating over time, list of widgets, pages,etc. from your analytics dashboard.

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Lifetime Access to Emojise

✔️ Unlimited Widgets
✔️ Unlimited Ratings
✔️ Unlimited Screenshots
✔️ Unlimited Data History
✔️ Unlimited Email Embeds
✔️ No Branding
✔️ Widget Customization
✔️ Real-time Analytics
✔️ Custom Call to Action
✔️ Ready-made Widgets with 300+ Emojis
✔️ Track & Organise – Mark Status & Add Notes
✔️ Future updates & Integrations of Pro plan
✔️ 30 days refund policy

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