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A novel way of sharing data-driven updates across your team

A better way for product and technology leaders to easily share data-driven updates and keep teams informed.


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Enform | Keep The Whole Team Informed 1

Communicating with your team effectively could get half of the work done for you. And then comes, communicating with your clients.

You cannot spend all of your time just communicating. So why not bring your whole team together in one page & keep your clients updated on what’s going on.

The idea is to reduce hassle for your team and your clients and keep them engaged.

Enform.io is built to simplify the communication and transparency within your organization & send regular updates to your clients effortlessly.

One of the biggest challenges faced by companies outside of building great products is keeping their communication channels active, updated and open.

With Enform.io, keeping your team informed about tasks and updates is very easy and time saving.

If you think about it, everyone prefers a clear overview of business objectives with metrics to keep track of. Integrating Jira/Trello with Enform.io gives you daily digests about epics that are linked directly to your objectives.

Enform | Keep The Whole Team Informed 2

Most of your time is spent aimlessly on meetings that lack direction and conclusion. Enform solves the problem by making communication across teams abstract and to the point.

Goal Tracking (OKRs) are a pivotal part of driving your business forward. Enform.io allows you to set up activities, deliveries and updates backed by real-time data and insights.

Constant feedback is what helps in creating better products and aligns you with your objectives.

Enform gives you space to add insights on activities and progress made towards your goals. Simply said, you can send & receive feedback seamlessly.

Not always does your team use all communication channels that you use. You can send multi-channel updates through email, Slack and Microsoft Teams so there’s no FOMO for your team.

Currently, Enform’s customers pay $69 per month for a five-member team limited to 50 recipients for sending out product updates.

You can avail more of those features for $29 on a one-time purchase that allow you to send updates to unlimited recipients.

Start Syncing with your Team clients with Enform today!

Get a lifetime deal to Enform now!

Lifetime Access to Enform

✔️ Unlimited Goal tracking (OKRs)
✔️ Unlimited Clients
✔️ Unlimited Tasks and activities
✔️ Multi-channel updates
✔️ Custom Domain & Branding
✔️ 5 Team Members
✔️ Development Digest with Jira/Trello integrations
✔️ Metric tracking
✔️ Add commentary
✔️ Update composer
✔️ Scheduled time updates
✔️ Future Updates & Integrations of Large Team plan are included
✔️ 60 days refund policy

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