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Use Fastdok to create ready to use documents in minutes by answering few questions.


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Fastdok | Create Professional Documents in Minutes 1

Stop googling for templates whenever you want to create professional documents.

Most of them are not designed to meet your custom requirements.

“But Charlie, I don’t have enough time or the resources to do it”

“Hey, that’s ok. You are not alone”

Fastdok is a fast, effective and easy to use document generation tool that allows you to create and manage heavy documentation processes with just a few clicks..

How about creating an online document by just answering a few questions?

You can choose one from the hundreds of templates and edit it based on your requirement.

From Privacy Policy to a Medical Prescription, Fastdok has got your documentation requirements covered for most cases.

After logging in to your Fastdok account, you can choose the template you want to work with from your dashboard.

You will then be asked to answer a few simple questions to start generating your business document. Just make sure you have your company logo, official email address, etc. to ease the process.

For example, if you choose to create a Work Experience Certificate template, you must first upload your company logo and enter details such as Company name, Postal address, Email address, and Phone number to create the document.

Fastdok is built in a way to ease your mundane tasks. All the data you input will be stored, and you won’t be asked for the same info again.

Fastdok | Create Professional Documents in Minutes 2

As you proceed further, you will be asked for a few more details based on the template you’ve chosen.

Some of your documents may run 3-4 pages, and some others would be longer.

Fill them all, and click “Finish” to get your legal document generated (voilà!) with all the information you provided.

You can clone or edit your document, if you want to make some changes or use it for other purposes you may have.

Under the “My Documents” tab, you can view all the documents you have created. Fastdok will store all your historical data forever.

Export your documents as PDF with just a click.

Save your time by creating a list of items under the “Items” tab, and use them as Text Shortcuts to create more documents without having to type them every single time.

With items, you don’t have to create your products items or services items every time (well, time is money)

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Lifetime Access to Fastdok

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✔️ 30 days refund policy

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