Fotosifter Lifetime Deal

A Photo Organizing And Editing Software

Fotosifter is a professional and easy-to-use photo organizer as well as a picture enhancer developed by Cgaga Software.


Value $56.99/year
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Have you ever counted how many photos you have on the phone, camera, PC, hard disk drive, and other devices?

You might be shocked once you gather them in one place!

Those photos will remind you of the cherished memories and special moments in your 18’s birthday, first overseas trip, graduation ceremony, daughter’s first steps, family parties, etc.

Fotosifter helps you fully scan and import all your photos from multiple devices and PCs and sort them quickly with advanced technology including face recognition and AI.

Fotosifter provides you with a total solution for mass photo management/sorting and picture enhancing through utilizing advanced algorithms as well as frontier techs including precise facial recognition, AI, and machine learning.

New features, as well as new assets, are constantly being added to Cgaga Fotosifter, with the current core eight functions being

  1. One-click photo organizing.
  2. Customized sorting.
  3. Geotagging
  4. Facial recognition
  5. Picture editing and enhancing
  6. Duplicates detection
  7. Smart selection
  8. Slideshow video making

In a word, Cgaga Fotosifter Lifetime Deal is a family-friendly software and is a perfect choice for photography beginners and amateurs, working moms, office workers, travel lovers, teachers, students, etc.

It comes extremely handy when you are in need of managing a huge amount of photos and images with extra demands such as picture editing, slideshow video making, and photo exporting.

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