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A Comprehensive Security Scanning Tool

A Comprehensive Security Scanning Tool To Find Breached Data, Exposed Servers, Web App/AWS Cloud Vulnerabilities and Compliance Issues.


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GetSecured | A Comprehensive Security Scanning Tool 1

There is nothing worse than having security issues inside your organization. For example, how would you know if your online assets are at risk or your team credentials has been leaked? Hence, data protection is a necessity.

It would help if you were constantly updated about –

  • Is your server or cloud resources exposed by mistake?
  • Is any of your employee credentials or PII data leaked?
  • Is your source code leaked? 
  • Is your cloud infra secured?
  • Does your website contain any vulnerabilities?
  • Are you compliant with the industry security standards? 

This tool will help you scan your organization assets for vulnerabilities so that no attacker can exploit them for sensitive information.

GetSecured A comprehensive security scanning tool to find breached data, exposed servers, web app/AWS cloud vulnerabilities and compliance issues.

GetSecured provides a comprehensive security scanning tool that can be used to find breached data, web app/cloud vulnerabilities, data leakage, whether the employees’ emails are breached somewhere or not, and many more.

The tool can be easily understood by a non-technical person too. You can view all your previous scan details and issues found inside your dashboard. It also helps you identify the various compliance gaps you have in terms of ISO 27001, SOC-II and GDPR perspectives.

Digital Asset Monitoring – Discover and monitor publicly exposed digital assets. Detailed overview of asset inventory.

GetSecured | A Comprehensive Security Scanning Tool 2

Security Scan – Easy and early discovery of vulnerabilities on your application and infrastructure, Comprehensive security scan for your web, cloud and API assets.

Data breach monitoring – Monitor the dark web for breaches and take immediate actions.

Compliance Health Analysis – One-click scan to know the effect of scan results on your compliance health. Supported GDPR, ISO and SOC2 compliance.

Consolidated Summary – One dashboard to track the security posture of the entire organization. Actionable mitigation and reporting.

What’s the Benefit of using GetSecured?

  • Secure your data privacy and detect data leakage.
  • Identify security threats to your web apps, servers, cloud infra, and privileged user accounts.
  • Find out if your employees are at risk of privacy exposure.
  • Helps you to identify various compliance gaps from ISO27001, SOC-II and GDPR perspectives.
  • It’s a fun way to see how secure your company is. The tool provides a super cool dashboard to manage all the assets you have scanned.
  • It’s a great way to let your employees know where they should be protecting their data.
  • Easy To Implement: You don’t need to install anything or configure any tables or databases to use our software. You only need to register an account, complete the process, and your report is ready.

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Lifetime Access to GetSecured


✔️ 10 Scans per Month
✔️ All Features and New Updates to, for the following:
✔️ Domain & Subdomain Scan
✔️ Employee Asset Scan
✔️ Phishing Domain Scan
✔️ AWS Cloud Security Scan
✔️ Web Security Scan
✔️ Partial ISO27001 Compliance Scan
✔️ Partial GDPR Compliance Scan
✔️ Partial SOC 2 Compliance Scan
✔️ Non-Stackable Plan
✔️ 60 Days Refund Policy


✔️ 20 Scans per Month
✔️ All above features included


✔️ Unlimited Scans per Month
✔️ All above features included

Save 95%

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