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Collect New Facebook Group Member Answers

Group Collector allows you to collect new Facebook Group member answers -- including their emails -- and save them into your Google Sheet and autoresponder.


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Facebook does not give you access to Group member answers once they are approved.The moment you approve a member, you lose this valuable data.You would have to copy each member’s answer manually before approving, which could be very time-consuming.

Group Collector solves this problem by collecting new Facebook Group member answers when they are approved. You can view the member answers and other valuable data in the Google Sheet that you can then attach with your Facebook Group and the Group Collector Dashboard.

Group Collector simplifies your new Facebook group members onboarding. You can collect Facebook member answers and send them a welcome email as soon as you approve of them. Group Collector is a must-have tool for every Facebook Group Owner.

Group Collector Chrome Extension
After you install Group Collector Chrome Extension and login with the License Key, Group Collector will replace the Facebook “Approve” and “Approve All” with the Group Collector “GC Approve” and “GC Approve All” Buttons that do all the work.

Connect unlimited Facebook Groups
You can create unlimited Facebook groups in the Group Collector dashboard where you are an admin or moderator. You can then configure all settings for your group through the dashboard.

Attach Google Sheet With Your Group
After you have created your group in Group Collector, you can attach Google Sheet where all member’s data will be added instantly. You only need to paste your google sheet URL in the Group Collector.

Attach Your Email Marketing Software
Connect your Email Marketing Software with your group in Group Collector to send member emails. Group Collector Supports 20 Email Marketing Software and counting direct integrations.

View Group Member Answers
You can view all of your approved group member answers and other valuable data in Group Collector. All of this data will also be added to your Google Sheet.

Group Collector Auto Approval
Group Collector Supports Group Members Auto Approval. You can auto-approve new Facebook Group members based on different criteria without a single click. Group Collector will automatically open a new tab after specific intervals approve members that meet your specific criteria. This feature is optional.

System Requirements

  • Internet Connection
  • Google Chrome Browser
  • A moderator or Admin Access to Facebook Group

Get lifetime access to Group Collector now!

Get Group Collector Lifetime Access

✔️ Connect unlimited Facebook Groups
✔️ Approve unlimited Facebook Group members
✔️ Save Facebook Group members’ data to Google Sheet
✔️ Integrate Facebook Group Collector with autoresponders without using Zapier
✔️ Auto-approve new Facebook Group members based on different criteria without a single click
✔️ Generate a Facebook custom audience of approved members
✔️ Create Facebook Group funnels and automate new members onboarding and lead collection
✔️ Lifetime software updates
✔️ Works with both new and old Facebook

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