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The Growth Hacking Automation Platform to scale lead generation on Linkedin, Facebook and others on Autopilot

Growth hacking automation platform to automate lead generation from Linkedin, Facebook and others to scale your business faster.


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As you probably know, Linkedin and Facebook have a huge potential for lead generation and getting more clients.

The sad part, however, it requires a lot of manual work. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Spending hours of researching the right audience on Linkedin, adding potential contacts manually to spreadsheets, and then clicking connect and sending a welcome message. Not very scalable.

But don’t give up yet!

There’s a new way to easily generate leads on autopilot, by just setting up automation in minutes.

Growth Hacking is an automation platform to automate lead generation from Linkedin, Facebook and others to scale your business faster. It’s built for Individuals, Business and Agencies who’re looking for a flexible solution to automate and scale sales outreach.

The tool is cloud-based, so it can scale to cover hundreds of LinkedIn accounts for agencies and offer complete flexibility in your setup so you can use the prebuilt outreach templates in your dashboard, build custom workflows with the Integromat plugin integrating with 380+ tools, or have total control with a direct API integration.

ully automate your outreach and lead generation with over 19 built-in modules, and even more in the pipeline.

Use a single feature, or chain multiple tools together through the powerful API, or build Drag n’ Drop automations with the Integromat Plugin.

Automate Linkedin And Facebook Lead Generation At Scale On Autopilot

Automate your LinkedIn and Facebook Marketing Strategy across unlimited accounts with scalable cloud automation.

– Facebook Group Extractor
– LinkedIn Connection Sender
– LinkedIn Inbox Monitor (Reply Tracking)
– LinkedIn Follow-up Sequences
– LinkedIn Profile Scraper/Profile Viewer
– LinkedIn Search Export
– LinkedIn Sales Nav Export
– LinkedIn Search & Connect
– LinkedIn Contacts Extractor
– LinkedIn Message Sender (with Reply Detection)
– LinkedIn Message Extractor
– LinkedIn Company Finder
– LinkedIn Company Employees Extractor

Find Verified Emails In Seconds

The email finder API will search for prospects email addresses using their Name and Company, the platform will then verify matching email addresses.

Website Scraping

Find Technologies, Emails, Phone Numbers, and Social Media Profiles listed on targeting websites.
Tutorial: How To Build A Basic LinkedIn Outreach Sequence With Follow Up Messages!
Want to see more tutorials and documentation on how to set-up your growth automations? You can find all information here.

Get lifetime access to GrowthHacking now!

Lifetime Access to Growth Hacking

✔️ 1000 Monthly API Credits (stackable)
✔️ Automate Linkedin Connection Requests
✔️ Send Linkedin Welcome Messages & Follow-up Sequences
✔️ Linkedin Scaper: Extract Data, Emails and more
✔️ Reply Detection
✔️ Extract LinkedIn Contacts and sync to CRM
✔️ Website Scraper: Extract Emails, Phone, Socials, Used Tech
✔️ Phone Number Verifier
✔️ Facebook Group Extractor
✔️ Unlimited access to all Growth Recipes
✔️ Unlimited access to all future Growth Recipes
✔️ Private Slack Group
✔️ Onboarding & Setup of the API
✔️ All future updates included
✔️ 30-day Money Back Guarantee

✔️ 5000 Monthly API Credits (stackable)

✔️ 10,000 Monthly API Credits (stackable)

Save 95%

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