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HelloWoofy Yearly Deal

Have you been following all the famous social media influencers who are “insta or TikTok famous” and wondered how you can do it to your personal or business accounts? If there’s one thing we’ve gathered from all the “gurus” is that we must be pushing out content on social media 24/7. Keeping up with this requires a full-time job which can be exhausting and time-consuming. But hey, someone’s gotta do it. Dear small business owner, now you can, for the price of a cup of coffee.

Meet HelloWoofy, your secret social media’s best friend at your service. This AI-powered platform “automagically” creates social media or blog content, recommends hashtags, suggests engaging emojis based on data science and schedules content as single posts, or as part of entire campaigns.

HelloWoofy’s high-quality content creation capabilities are driven by a complex intuitive algorithmdata science, and a little bit of machine learning magic.

Start by adding content: import images, RSS feeds (within the smart library), URLs, or templated spreadsheets with multiple posts.

Once you upload content, watch HelloWoofy’s AI get down to business.

HelloWoofy’s AI will recommend potential posts with quotes from any articlepopular hashtagsand contextually relevant emojis (kind of like the ones you’ll see sprinkled in throughout the copy you’re reading…#meta)

You can then publish immediately or place into customizable categories and save it for later in HelloWoofy’s flexible smart Library.

Image recognition analyzes photos and creative assets to pick up on brands, themes, and objects, including any text displayed within the image. 🔍

Thanks to the Discover feature, you can explore trending articles by topic and publisher (over 45 at your fingertips!) to create posts directly from articles.

You can also save them as ideas for later campaigns or single posts. 🤓

Get Yearly access to HelloWoofy now!

Get Yearly access to HelloWoofy

1-Yr Subscription

✔️ 25 Social Accounts & 9 Team Members
✔️ iOS mobile app for Instagram Scheduling
✔️ Marketing Content Automation
✔️ Supports Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram & Twitter
✔️ Auto Generate Quotes from Articles Using AI / NLP
✔️ AI-Driven Autocomplete of Social Posts w/ words, emojis, hashtags, images etc.
✔️ AI Analysis of Library Content for Smart Recommendations
✔️ Compliance Engine Powered Library
✔️ Visual Search Engine
✔️ Social Media Management Dashboard
✔️ Colorblind creative support
✔️ Hashtag playlists
✔️ Import RSS feeds into the library
✔️ Voice Powered Campaign Launcher
✔️ Unlimited library storage

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HelloWoofy Yearly Deal
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