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SEO strategies for startups and small businesses

Hike is an instruction-based SEO solution for startups and small businesses to help them climb the search rankings. Hike will show you popular content for the keywords you’ll be tracking. No more racking your brain on what content to create! The Hike LTD is now available on AppSumo.

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💥 Hike is able to simplify SEO by breaking things down into three straightforward phases:

– Building a bespoke SEO strategy
– Generating a list of actionable items to complete
– Tracking performance

💥 Hike can give you hundreds of action items — just mark as complete and move on to the next one.

💥 With keywords, competitors, and content selected, Hike will hit you with easy-to-understand and easy-to-complete SEO action items.

💥 Once you’ve got your strategy in motion, you will be able to track progress over time.

💥 You’ll also see where your traffic is coming from, how your backlinks are doing, and what your competition is up to.

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Value $395.88/Year

Get SEO guidance now!

What’s included in the Hike Lifetime Deal?

⚡️ Use on 1 website
⚡️ SEO strategy builder
⚡️ Track 25 keywords every other day
⚡️ Monthly keyword research
⚡️ Monthly content idea generation
⚡️ Daily analytics reporting
⚡️ Local SEO audit
⚡️ Backlink tracking
⚡️ 30-day money back guarantee

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