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#1 anti-spam solution for stopping comments and form spam

The Best-in-Class AI Anti-Spam Security Suite for your WordPress Website: Ultra-Lightweight & Invisible.


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Human Presence was created because of this growing threat of spambots and malicious threats that WordPress and WooCommerce developers deal with today.

Bots are evolving and finding ways to evade advanced detection techniques like Akismet Anti-Spam, Google Recaptcha, and others.

Bots are learning how to evade WordPress anti-spam plugins with the help of black hat developers and AI.

Human Presence has been developed to help website owners protect their site with an invisible solution that works in the background, allowing visitors to interact with the website without the hassle of a Turing test like Recaptcha.

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The team at HumanPresence looked closely at what Google was doing with Recaptcha, and what Aksimet was doing for WordPress, and brought it into the new age of machine learning and behavioral analysis.

This AI technology works invisibly in the background to make the user experience unphased and eliminate all form spam, WordPress comments spam, and WooCommerce reviews spam.

No more annoying Turing tests. Add Human Presence today and start squashing those spambots!

How Does The Human Presence AI Technology Work?

Unlike other WordPress Anti-Spam Plugins, Human Presence is mapping natural, organic movements and they apply the logic to all future site visits.

The technology is constantly getting smarter and identifies bots within milliseconds. The behavioral analysis algorithm eliminates false positives with real human visitors to block spam in your WordPress comments and contact forms.

Like the Akismet Anti-Spam plugin, we crowdsource our human behavior database from all the websites using Human Presence so that our technology is always getting smarter against spambots. The difference is the Human Presence database cannot be manipulated like the text-based Akismet spam database.

With the advanced risk detection and machine learning techniques, Human Presence is the only solution for complete spam prevention for WordPress.

Get Lifetime access to HumanPresence now!

Lifetime Access to HumanPresence

✔️ AI-Based Spam Prevention Solution for WordPress
✔️ Invisibly detect bots
✔️ Eliminate the need for CAPTCHA
✔️ 1 site (stackable)
✔️ 500,000 page views per month (stackable)
✔️ Unlimited Forms
✔️ Automatic Updates
✔️ Ultra-Lightweight Plugin
✔️ Invisible solution that works in the background
✔️ Non-intrusive and safer alternative to Recaptcha & Akismet
✔️ Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, Contact Form 7, Formidable Forms, WordPress Comments, WooCommerce Reviews
✔️ Lifetime Support and Updates included
✔️ 30-day Money Back Guarantee
✔️ See all included features

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Human Presence Lifetime Deal Grabltd
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