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imghaste is a real time image processing CDN that works out of the box with no Integration required. It provides a Service Worker that works transparently - so you can keep all the SEO juice on your images.


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ImgHaste | Image Optimizer, CDN and Storage Manager 1

Are you tired of waiting for the images to load on your website? Imagine how frustrated your visitors will be! This would only hurt your conversions. If the images aren’t optimized timely, it could lead to a major server crash and that would be a nightmare!

Image optimization often sacrifices quality to serve small sized images. The problem is not entirely with image size but also with the image format, dimensions, and compatibility with the user’s browser.

Image Optimization has always been a tricky aspect for a website owner and spending hundreds of dollars on the optimization along with manual coding doesn’t make any sense. Don’t even think about the additional CDN charges!

IMGHaste A tool that provides you with the optimization service for your website with faster speed and CDN. And, no coding is required!

Imghaste is a tool that dynamically resizes images and serves them in the correct format so that your website loads faster and your images look great in the process. It will automatically detect the most suitable Image for your website empowered by the PWA tech.

IMGHaste leverages server-side image rendering and uses proprietary technology to match the visitor’s screen size. On top of that, the images are served from a global CDN to ensure blazing fast delivery.

IMGHaste will allow you to have a completely optimized site in just a few minutes if you’re using WordPress with their plug-n-play WordPress plugin. If you’re using any other type of website, IMGHaste can be easily implemented using a small snippet of code.

Imghaste can optimize automatically your images and speed up your wesite. It is a multi-regional image processing service. It provides intelligent real-time image optimizations, resizing, cropping, and blazing fast delivery. It has a built-in a resilient/failover infrastructure empowered by Cloudflare, BelugaCDN, Cloudfront, Amazon S3 & Backblaze serving in more than 500+ endpoints worldwide.

  • World Wide CDN for Your Images – Serving from 500+ Edge Servers worldwide provides faster content delivery all over the world.
  • Easy To Use – Imghaste comes with a Plug & Play Service Worker and it will do all the work for you.
ImgHaste | Image Optimizer, CDN and Storage Manager 2
  • Automatic Transformations – WebP, Client Hints, Size reduction, Effective Connection Type, Progressive JPEGs, Interlaced PNGs, and many more.
  • SEO & Performance – Imghaste will not do URL Rewrite on your end. No over-charges from BOT traffic. No more 404 errors on your Images. You keep all benefits for your real users ONLY.
  • Client Hints – Serve your images at the right dimensions using the power of Client Hints.
  • Service Worker – With the power of Service Workers, Imghaste is able to offer you an enterprise-level solution for your website.
  • Mobile views & Mobile apps are a different story – Even if you already optimized everything for your Desktop views your mobile web or your mobile apps have totally different requirements.
  1. Retina screens are no match for IMGHaste
  2. Next-Generation image types
  3. Always serve just enough content and get your scores high.

Whether you are serving a few thousands, millions, or even billions of images, you can easily integrate Imghaste in a few minutes and start enjoying fast delivery speeds. All images will be automatically optimized and converted to WebP if the browser supports it.

Companies around the world use Imghaste to deliver their images on their websites and mobile apps allowing them to speed up, improve image quality and speed their website, offload their web-servers from.

Get a lifetime deal to Imghaste now!

Lifetime Access to Imghaste


✔️ 12,000 Image Optimization Credits Per Month (3k Bonus Credits Included)
✔️ 100 GB of CDN Bandwidth Per Month
✔️ 10 GB Backup Storage
✔️ WordPress Plugin
✔️ Unlimited Websites and Unlimited Images
✔️ Global CDN
✔️ Client Hints Ready
✔️ 100% White label at Your Own Domain
✔️ WebP Support and WebP Support With Backwards Compatibility
✔️ Interlaced PNG and Progressive JPEGs
✔️ Pro Image Optimizations in Real-Time
✔️ Watermarking
✔️ Smart Crop with Smart Center ID
✔️ Real-time cloud backups
✔️ Overlays and Greyscale
✔️ Disaster Recovery Backup
✔️ Weekly Failover Scenarios
✔️ GDPR Compliance
✔️ Stackable up to 5 Codes. Each code stacking will add the following below –
✔️ +12,000 Image Optimization Credits Per Month
✔️ +100 GB of CDN Bandwidth Per Month
✔️ +10 GB Backup Storage
✔️ 60 Days Refund Policy


✔️ Unlimited Image Optimization Credits Per Month
✔️ Unlimited Bandwidth on your own CDN
✔️ Unlimited Backup Storage
✔️ 50 Websites
✔️ Own WP Plugin
✔️ Route your own CDN
✔️ Catching TTL on Assets – 1 year
✔️ 100% Brand Transparent
✔️ Business Plan for reselling
✔️ + All The Plan A Features


✔️ Unlimited Image Optimization Credits Per Month
✔️ Unlimited Bandwidth on your own CDN
✔️ Unlimited Backup Storage
✔️ 100 Websites
✔️ One-to-one Training for 2 hours
✔️ + All The Plan A & Plan B Features
✔️ Stackable up to 5 Codes. Each Code will add +100 Websites

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