Internxt Lifetime Deal

Securely store and share documents and pictures in the cloud with zero-knowledge encryption

Internxt Drive is the world’s most secure cloud storage service. It features client-side encryption, and distributed technology.


Value $135.00/year
Internxt | World’s Most Secure Cloud Storage Service 1

Cloud storage is a broken market. It’s expensive, insecure, and inconvenient to use.

Internxt is the first-ever private cloud storage service that uses blockchain technology to secure your data, without charging you outrageous fees or forcing you to compromise on security and privacy.

This means no more worrying about hackers stealing your passwords or identity; no more costly subscriptions; no more complicated file sharing with friends and colleagues – just one simple application for all of your files!

Internxt Drive is the world’s first encrypted decentralized cloud storage platform based on blockchain technology that offers an alternative for users who want their data back.

By using the Internxt service, you can now store any type of data in a completely anonymous and privacy-friendly way.

You are able to choose which files stay private and which ones become public so they can be shared with anyone in the world via the Internxt blockchain protocol.

Internxt | World’s Most Secure Cloud Storage Service 2

Designed To Protect Your Privacy.

Your uploaded files are client-side encrypted and then fragmented into small pieces.

Only you hold your decryption key which retrieves your fragmented files.

Your Data Is Yours To Share.

Services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Apple iCloud all have permission to access your data.

Internxt Drive features zero-knowledge encryption, meaning that only you can ever access your files.

Available On All Your Devices.

The files you keep secure on Internxt Drive are easy to get to.

Access your files from the Internxt desktop app, Web browser app, and the iOS or Android app.

Secure. Private. Simple To Use.

A functional and intuitive interface with a variety of different customizations and features, such as encrypted file sharing.

The First-Ever Completely Private Cloud Storage Service, Secured By Blockchain.

Internxt is the first-ever completely private cloud storage service, secured by blockchain.

Get a lifetime deal to Internxt now!

Lifetime Access to Internxt

✔️ 200GB storage
✔️ Unlimited bandwidth
✔️ Secure file sharing
✔️ Android & iOS app
✔️ Access to Drive, Photos & Send
✔️ Automatically synced across all devices
✔️ Secure 256-bit TLS/SSL connection
✔️ 1 team member
✔️ All future plan updates
✔️ 30-day Money Back Guarantee

✔️ 1TB storage
✔️ All above features included

Save 94%

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