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Turn your visitors into advocates with gamified funnels

Educate them about your company, qualify them for their participation and reward them for their engagement.


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Klujo turns your anonymous site visitors into your most loyal advocates using GAMIFIED FUNNELS!  

Klujo’s gamified funnels help establish a deep and meaningful connection with your audience by delivering a memorableaddictive, and rewarding experience.

It is a foolproof opt-in system that:

  1. Allows you to capture REAL user info 
  2. Gives you great insights as to how those users THINK and FEEL about your company, products, and services,
  3. Entices them to spend more time on your site 
  4. Makes users rave about you to their friends and peers by tapping into their competitive nature

Using Klujo, here’s how you can turn an anonymous visitor into a loyal advocate in 5 steps:

Step 1 – Educate via personalized gamified experiences 

Users are presented with a memorable and playful experience based on their behavior on your site. Those experiences can either (1) help validate the content being consumed or (2) provide a promotion. 

Klujo’s marketplace of full customizable gamified experiences can cover an infinite number of use cases. Each experience is rendered on the fly with your own content and brand assets. 

Step 2 – Validate & Verify with social media 

The email capture process is simplified. A real and genuine connection is established with your users through the use of using social media authentication. 

Just think about how much easier it is to be convinced to give personal info if there is a reward to be earned! Since we all like to “win” something, users will feel comfortable sharing their personal info.

Step 3 – Qualify actions/interactions with a points system 

Using Klujo Points, a proprietary points system, you will qualify your users based on their engagement and interaction with your gamified experiences. Points are earned when those experiences are successfully consumed. 

Your remarketing campaigns will be much more effective by segmenting your users by points. For instance, a user with 50 points is lower down the funnel than a user with 10 points.  

Step 4: Drive loyalty with a rewards program

The thought of earning points and redeeming them for rewards helps users feel valued. It also puts them into a reward loop; making them more motivated to continue engaging with you.  

Through a robust and flexible loyalty module, you can upload any type of reward (e.g. discount code, PDF eBook, company swag, etc.) and set redemption timelines & parameters.

Connect your customer loyalty program with Klujo Rewards to build a more unified and cohesive view of your customer experience. 

Step 5 – Establish advocacy with a points-driven leaderboard 

Klujo’s leaderboards help achieve a greater level of advocacy by driving our human desire to compete with others and to become the best.   

They work as a real-time feedback system, whereby the ranking informs the player how close they are to the goal.  And showing the player that the goal is achievable motivates them to keep going until the goal has been achieved.

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Klujo gamifies marketing funnels to help organizations build a community of loyal consumers!!

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