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Customer Knowledge Base Software with Embeddable Help Widget

The only support widget you will ever need: Customizable Knowledge Base, Embeddable Help Widget & News Feed to effortlessly onboard customers, keep them engaged and up-to-date!


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Good help is hard to find these days. You have some FAQ docs on one page, a support page, video tutorials on YouTube, and an updates page hidden somewhere on your website.

Not the best experience. These scattered help resources cause confused customers and more support tickets and work for you.

With LabiKnow you can create a fully streamlined support experience in a single widget.

With a Customizable Knowledge Base, Embeddable Help Widget & Changelog in one gorgeous widget.

The tool will help you effortlessly onboard customers, keep them engaged and updated, without having to spend hours on support.

Design a beautiful knowledge base, create onboarding guides and articles that answer your customer’s most asked questions.

You can create a dedicated Help Center page with no coding. Customize the help center page to match your brand identity with simple editing tools.

Create help center articles with our easy to use online editor. Use the rich-text editor to create help center articles in seconds.

Add images, videos, texts, and much more.

Your Knowledge Base Embedded Directly In Your Branded Help Widget

The help widget combines your knowledge base, contact support form and announcements feed which makes it the ultimate customer support app.

Simply customize the help widget and add it to your website.

You can significantly reduce the number of incoming repetitive requests with the help widget. Customers can search for answers in the help center first before contacting you.

Deliver Updates Or Your Changelog Directly In The Widget

Want to deliver updates, news, announcements, or your product changelog? You can easily do this directly in the notification center.

Keep your users in the loop with all the updates, changes, upcoming events, bugs, fixes, and much more!

You can create interactive, visual announcements with LabiKnow editor tools, like video, photo, buttons, and more.

Use the announcements feed for unlimited purposes:

  • for publishing release notes
  • for user announcements
  • for changelog
  • for NPS surveys
  • for improvement updates
  • for downtime and maintenance updates
  • for updates on bug fixes
  • for new feature updates

You can get instant feedback from website visitors to your announcements and updates. That way you will get insights on how they are handling the news, so you can take proper actions right away.

If users still did not get the answer through the help center docs in the widget, then they can contact you directly through email or live chat!

The end-user can send you a ticket with their question by clicking on the “Contact Support” or “Ask” button.

They will be asked to fill out a simple contact form with their:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Subject
  • Description of the issue/question/concern/feedback

Once the message is sent, they will be given a ticket number, which they and you can use in order to track it.

All messages are sent (forwarded) to the email address you used to sign up with LabiKnow.

Get a lifetime deal to LabiKnow now!

Lifetime Access to LabiKnow

Small Plan

✔️1 site
✔️50,000 users/month per site
✔️Add 5 agents/users
✔️Build 1 embeddable widget
✔️Build 1 help center website
✔️Custom knowledge base website
✔️Use custom domains
✔️All-in-one embeddable widget
✔️Embed your help center in the widget
✔️Share announcements, updates & changelog in the widget
✔️Embed your contact form in the widget
✔️No LabiKnow branding
✔️Contact form
✔️Email forwarding
​​✔️Notification center
✔️Advanced analytics & reporting
✔️Support included
✔️All future updates included
✔️30-day Money Back Guarantee

Medium Plan

✔️10 sites
✔️100,000 users/month per site
✔️Add 10 agents/users
✔️Build 10 embeddable widgets
✔️Build 10 help center websites
✔️All above feature included

Agancy Plan

✔️30 sites
✔️Unlimited users/month per site
✔️Add 30 agents/users
✔️Build 30 embeddable widgets
✔️Build 30 help center websites
✔️All above feature included

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