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Easily generate leads and manage them in a smart way - all under one tool!

A Social Media Lead Scoring and Analytical Suite That Will Help You Grow Your Leads and Manage Them All Under One Tool.


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Are you using different tools only to keep up with your Facebook Leads while still missing out on many of them?

Stop the social media overwhelm with an easy to use, industry – best LEAD MANAGEMENT SUITE: Social dashboards, a powerful search engine, direct responders, smart schedulers, lead scoring and social CRM aggregated in one place – all focusing on the individual lead.

Meet Leadklozer

LEADKLOZER – a tool that will not only help you find leads but also manage them with many other features altogether and helping you convert them into paying customers.

Leadklozer Features:

There was previously no way to track and prioritize the world of social media interactions by any one individual lead over time. Crazy, right? How could any social media marketer possibly tell who was engaging with them most often?

Pretty important stuff! 

As a result, businesses that are working hard every day to create content, track interactions and talk to new leads are simply not able to see the complete picture, resulting in MISSED LEAD OPPORTUNITIES and frustrated owners. This is a big part of why Forbes says that small and medium sized business owners are STRESSED, OVERWHELMED and PANICKING every day about their social media…until now! 

LeadKlozer auto-captures your Facebook page engagements (likes, comments, replies, chatbots, messages) and Lead Ad form entries you work so hard to create. You’ll never miss the COMPLETE engagement picture for any INDIVIDUAL LEAD again.

1. Live Interaction Dashboards

  • Live Tracker
  • Live Tracker Columns
  • Post/Ad Tracker

2. Search & Follow-Up Dashboards

  • Smart Search
  • Lead Notifications

3. Planning Ahead

  • Contact Profiles
  • Smart Schedules
  • Daily Goals

4. Lead Priorities & Messaging

  • Smart Facebook Inboxes
  • Smart Score
  • Scripts

5. Staying Organized

  • Tags
  • Stages
  • Products

Industry’s First and Only Social Media Engagement and Conversation Tool for Tracking, Prioritizing and Responding to Individual Leads – All In One Place!

Get yearly plan to Leadklozer now!

Yearly Access to Leadklozer

✔️ 1 Facebook Page
✔️ 1 Admin
✔️ 1 User
✔️ 15,000 Contacts
✔️ Unlimited Contacts
✔️ Live Interaction Dashboards
✔️ Live Tracker
✔️ Search & Follow-Up Dashboards
✔️ Smart Search
✔️ Smart Schedules
✔️ Lead Priorities & Messaging
✔️ Smart Facebook Inboxes
✔️ Smart Score
✔️ Check more Features on the Sales Page
✔️ 60 Days Refund Period

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Leadklozer Lifetime Deal
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