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Website plugins that increase trust, traffic, and sales

Increase Your Leads, Conversion, Activation, And Sales By At Least 15% In Less Than 10 Minutes!


Value $708.00/year
leadwink Lifetime Deal

Do you use a tool to engage with your website visitors? Do you show offer pop-ups for Social Proof? Or do use Exit pop-ups to entice users to join your email list?

If so, you’re probably using a whole bunch of different tools to get the work done.

LeadWink has bundled 12 different growth tools, each serving different purposes, under one roof.

LeadWink is the all-in-one growth hacking toolkit that helps you to acquire more leads, increase website sales, onboard customers, increase revenue per visitor & collect visitor feedback.

You will get the full suite of widgets and tools from LeadWink:

Acquisition: Increase Leads, Conversions & Sales on Autopilot. Social Proof, Lead Magnets & Click to Call.

Revenue: Update Card Widgets and Upsell Existing Customers.

Referrals: Let your Customers Make for you – Social Share, and more to help you scale.

Activation: Easily onboard new Customers with Website Messages to guide users through your website

Retention: Instantly reduce churn, collect feedback and deliver offers to increase retention.

Feedback: Unlock Hidden insights and discover new Growth Opportunities. Ratings, surveys and show reviews.

Fully Integrated With Your Digital Marketing Ecosystem

Leadwink uses webhooks to connect with hundreds of platforms to send your data where it needs to go. Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Hubspot and  hundreds more!

Get lifetime access to Leadwink now!

LeadWink Lifetime subscription (Solo Plan)

✔️ No Leadwink branding
✔️ Add your own branding
✔️ 5 campaigns/brands
✔️ 10,000 impressions/month
✔️ All widgets
✔️ Knowledge base
✔️ Live analytics
✔️ Notification triggers
✔️ Email capture database
✔️ Support ticketing
✔️ Mobile-friendly

Save 95%

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