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We all know we ought to be doing LinkedIn outreach…

After all, it’s the one place where you can find the best, most targeted prospects, yet we put it off. Why?

We do it because manual outreach is so darn time-consuming so we’ll rather run some Facebook ads or send out a generic email blast to a bunch of [email protected] email addresses (true story)

Well, what if you could have an assistant sending out 100 connection requests per day (or a team sending 20x that!) while having everything neatly organized for you in a CRM for a small one-time fee? 😍

Linkdra is a powerful LinkedIn lead generation tool for B2B marketers, agencies and recruitment companies that simulates human behavior when searching, reviewing and connecting with people on LinkedIn.

Its powerful multi-channel search over Google, Bing and LinkedIn helps you find the right prospects or candidates with its smart filtering that ensures you have a “Best Match” list ready to reach out in minutes!

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LINKDRA does quite a few clever things to make B2B Lead generation efficient. The trick is to find prospects based on Google / Bing search to identify target companies and then cast your net to reach the right positions. This works, but the problem is it is all manual and that is lot of clicking and searching and it takes a huge amount of time. You do it for a few days and then you swim in the same search results and it stops being effective.

LINKDRA fixes that with managing your search, tracking what you already searched to take them off the list and score them for you so that you know which ones are worthwhile and not waste time chasing everything. Instead of spray and pray, you now have a sniper targeting option.

For Recruiters, LINKDRA serves as a great way to find passive candidates who are not looking. Makes great connect possible that convert.

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Lifetime Access to Linkdra


✔️ 100 Connections per day
✔️ 400 reads per day
✔️ 1 User (1 LinkedIn account connection)
✔️ 30-day money-back guarantee
✔️ Code(s) must be redeemed within 60 days


✔️ 100 Connections per day
✔️ 400 reads per day
✔️ 3 User (3 LinkedIn account connection)
✔️ 30-day money-back guarantee
✔️ Code(s) must be redeemed within 60 days


✔️ 100 Connections per day
✔️ 400 reads per day
✔️ 6 User (6 LinkedIn account connection)
✔️ 30-day money-back guarantee
✔️ Code(s) must be redeemed within 60 days

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