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Linkjoy helps you Increase Brand Awareness, Generate More Leads and Re-Target one-time Visitors.


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Being an active member, creator, influencer or even while running a social media agency for Social Media Channels, there comes a point when you hit that block and you don’t know how to further grow your channel and business. Even if you have so much to share with your audience, these social media platforms will restrict you to share enough content links with your audience and then making it more difficult for your channel to build a funnel and grow with that pace.

Bringing your audience from all over the places within your single funnel gets extremely difficult especially when you don’t have that one point of connection with all of them and retargeting them with half-baked links wouldn’t work either. So to create that one branded link which is leading you to create a single sales-purchase funnel from all over your social media platforms, you need this tool. Needless to say, having a cost-efficient tool in your SaaS bucket that will be helping you grow 10x out of current social media presence is a goldmine. – With Linkin Bio, URL Retargeting, and Curated Pages, Linkjoy helps you Increase Brand Awareness, Generate More Leads and Re-Target one-time Visitors.

Linkjoy helps Creators Increase Brand Awareness, Generate More Leads and Re-Target one-time Visitors. It helps creators convert followers to Leads/Customers.

Linkjoy also helps you to Growth Hack in all senses of the term –

  • Get More People to Events – Create mobile first pages with most important links in minutes. Retarget visitors and get better analytics
  • Sell more from your Store – Make Instagram your store. Link each post directly to your products. Track one-time visitors & retarget them for higher ROI.
  • Bring in More Readers – Share and curate third party content along with yours. Link stories on each of your posts and create branded short links.
  • Do More Influencing – Build Portfolios or generate leads. Create branded short URLs and track them. Make each of your post deliver best results. 
  • Make More Commissions – Build product collections that stay up-to date with your affiliate links. Track clicks and retarget them. 
  • Build custom audiences – Share your links on social media, ads, emails, or wherever else you’d like to generate clicks.
Linkjoy | Best Link In Bio Tool 3

What will Linkjoy help you with?

  1. You can power up each of your posts on Instagram and take your followers where you need them to be
  2. Connect directly to your ad platforms to create, measure, and share short URLs – even with a custom domain
  3. Create customized pages by connecting multiple links and all social media profiles
  4. Retarget on ad platforms – Reach people who clicked on your links with ads from any platform(Facebook, Twitter & more)
  5. Customized Layout – Turn your Instagram feed into a clickable mobile-optimized landing page with multiple design layout options to drive followers where you need them to be.
  6. Link Analytics – Optimize your engagement rate by measuring analytics. Use these insights to understand your audience and retarget customers based on link clicks.
  7. Custom Domain – Replace the current links with your brand name to create a consistent identity. Make your URLs more memorable and increase you SEO rankings
  8. Multiple platform – Add custom scripts to track your link clicks and the user location on multiple platforms. Use this data to retarget your prospective customers. 
  9. Bulk export – Export all the links created in one go with a simple click in a CSV format for any future references
  10. Customized slugs – Customize links to make them SEO-friendly. Personalize the last part of your URLs to make them look attractive and build credibility.

Get lifetime access to Linkjoy now!

Lifetime Access to Linkjoy

✔️ (Limited Discounted Codes)
✔️ Number of Clicks/month = 90,000
✔️ 1 White Label Custom Domain


✔️ No. of LinkinBio Campaign Links = 10
✔️ No. of Custom Scripts (Integration) = 10
✔️ Layout selection = Customizable
✔️ Meta and OG Keywords (Coming Soon)


✔️ No of URL Shortner Links = 10,000
✔️ No. of Custom Scripts (Integration) = 10
✔️ Tag Feature
✔️ UTM and OG Tags
✔️ Custom Postfix in Shortened URL
✔️ GDPR Settings
✔️ Generate QR code
✔️ A/B testing


✔️ No. of Curated Page Campaign Links = 20
✔️ No. of Custom Scripts (Integration) = 10
✔️ Layout selection
✔️ Unlimited number of Themes (more coming soon)
✔️ Customizable Fonts, Background, and Buttons
✔️ Schedule Block Feature and Unlimited Total Blocks
✔️ Meta and OG Keywords and Templates (Coming Soon)
✔️ Training and Support = Knowledgebase, Video Tutorials, Email-Chat Support, Dedicated Onboarding
✔️ No Powered by Linkjoy Branding
✔️ 60 Days Refund Policy

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