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Branded Link Shortening With Analytics & Retargeting

A Simple And Easy-To-Use Link Management & Shortening Tool With Link Retargeting, Custom Domain Branded Links, Team Collaboration, And Analytics!


Value $280.00/Year
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Having a Branded Domain Link helps users identify & trust your brand amongst your competitors. With user-friendly shortened links, it’s helping you declutter the content and makes it easier to talk more about your brand.

Not just that, while creating brand awareness with short branded links, you can also retarget your visitors & know how well your links are performing with detailed analytics.

With this tool, you can do more than what you just read above!

LinkMngr is the complete solution for branded link management. It is the quickest way to share your links in order to increase traffic and brand awareness.

LinkMngr is a simple Branded Link Shortener or URL Reducer. It allows you to shorten any long URL and then use that short URL for marketing purposes (like sharing on social media, email campaigns, SMS messages, affiliate tracking, and so on).

LinkMngr also offers retargeting support (so you can integrate your shortened links with any retargeting-supported ad network like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, or Twitter Ads). It includes free SSL for custom short domains too.

Simple and short links don’t have to be a bummer. LinkMngr is here to make sure you get the freedom from frequent keystrokes, reduced manual clicking, and access to smart retargeting for all your social and brand marketing needs. Marketing isn’t complicated – it just takes someone who knows how marketing should work to do it for you.

LinkMngr | Simple Branded Link Shortener 2

Learn more about LinkMngr!

Branded Links Management – All your brands’ links at one place.

Custom Links – Create short URLs that include your business’s domain name! Rather than using generic shortened URLs, your brand should utilize one that matches your branding to identify yourself with content you publish in order to raise brand awareness.

Link Shortener – It’s never been easier to shorten custom URLs. You can shorten lengthy URLs using LinkMngr and never have to worry about them expiring! To obtain a shorter, more handy link, simply paste the lengthy URL and click the Shorten URL button.

Link Retargeting – It’s not hard to show your visitors the best ads! You can add retargeting pixels/scripts directly to add visitors to retargeting lists.

Multiple Domain Names – Use custom URLs as default pages for people who click on links that are misspelled or no longer exist. Potential consumers of all ages looking to interact more with the companies they love will be impressed by clean, professional domain names.

Analytics – Detailed analytics shows you all you need to know about clicks on your shortened URLs, including where they originated from, incoming traffic, and how they were shared.

LinkMngr enables businesses to manage their links at scale in order to efficiently implement their marketing strategies –

Increased Brand Awareness – It provides its customers with the quickest way to promote your links in order to increase traffic and brand awareness.
Real-Time Track Your Links – Track each shortened link in real-time and monitor its performance to better understand it.
Increase Conversion Rates – Inculcate trust by using branded short links that can increase your conversion rate up to 25%.
Free SSL for your short domains

Alternate to – Bitly & Rebrand

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Lifetime Access to LinkMngr


✔️ 1 Brand
✔️ 10 Users
✔️ 35,000 Clicks/month
✔️ 10 Custom Domains
✔️ Unlimited Links Per Month
✔️ All Features and Future Updates
✔️ Non-Stackable Plan
✔️ 60-Days Refund Policy


✔️ 5 Brands
✔️ 20 Users
✔️ 70,000 Clicks/month
✔️ 20 Custom Domains Per Brand
✔️ All above features included


✔️ 10 Brands
✔️ 30 Users
✔️ 100,000 Clicks/month
✔️ 30 Custom Domains Per Brand
✔️ All above features included


✔️ Unlimited Brands
✔️ Unlimited Users
✔️ 1,000,000 Clicks/month (1 Million Clicks/m)
✔️ Unlimited Custom Domains Per Brand
✔️ All above features included

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