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ChatBot + Email + Ecommerce + Social Media Automation + SMS + more...

Go omni-channel by combining much needed tools like Messenger Chatbot, Email Drip Campaigns, SMS Follow-ups, Social Media Automations and much more!


Value $480.00
Marketing Master | All-in-one Omnichannel Marketing Platform 1

Marketing is all about Communication.

You will need to communicate with your audience through multiple channels, because they are not gonna assemble at one place to listen to you.

It sure is an exhausting job to do, especially where you have to login to different tools to send the message across the channels.

Worry not… aka MMIO is a powerful all-in-one marketing platform that combines Chatbots, Messenger bots, Email Marketing, SMS & Social Media Automation under one roof.

Reduce the time spent on managing your online marketing by 50% and focus on other creative things.

Start with MarketingMaster by connecting your Facebook account, and choose the pages you’d like to use to interact with your audience.

With Chatbot Flow Builder, you can create the Chatbot flow for any of your FB pages easily, Alternatively you can also build your flows with Google sheets integration.

Marketing Master (MMIO) offers plenty of Growth tools & Bot tools such as Persistent Menu, Ice breakers, Keyword Triggers etc., to make your life easier.

You can also integrate your favorite Email Marketing tool (Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign etc.) to kickstart your email marketing campaigns along with Messenger Marketing.

Apart from the Messenger Bots, MMIO also comes with Comment Automation, Post Randomizer & LiveStream to complete your quest for the ideal Social Automation Suite.

Marketing Master | All-in-one Omnichannel Marketing Platform 2

Connect your own SMTP, or Sendgrid, or Amazon SES to get started with the Email Marketing Automation.

You can then start building your Email Marketing Flow with the built-in Email Flow builder.

And you can also build your own landing pages, and forms with MMIO to collect leads.

Not every email has to be a part of the flow builder. You can use the Broadcast feature to send seasoned newsletters as & when needed to.

MMIO is not limited to Marketing Automation only, but also helps you set up your own Ecommerce Store in minutes.

Create your Ecommerce store with your Facebook page, or Instagram profile that you’ve already integrated with your MMIO account.

You can then add the products, categories, coupons, shipping information etc. from your dashboard.

It doesn’t end there. The Shop Designer comes in handy to help you design the store to match your brand & you can also build your Upsells with it.

MMIO also lets you send custom notifications to your customers based on their shopping behaviour.

Simply connect your PayPal or Stripe account to start collecting payments right away.

You obviously would need to send SMS notifications to your customers, when they order from your store.

MMIO has got you covered with its SMS Broadcast feature. You can either create an SMS Sequence, or Broadcast the promotions to all of your customers in one go.

(And you get Free SMS credits too, as a part of the deal…YAY!)

Get a lifetime deal to Marketing Master now!

Lifetime Access to Marketing Master

✔️ 3 FB Pages
✔️ 2 FB accounts
✔️ 10 FB Groups
✔️ 3 IG Business accounts
✔️ 50,000 Messenger Bot Subscribers
✔️ 10 Chat Sequences
✔️ 10 Chat Broadcasts
✔️ 4 Post Randomizer Campaigns
✔️ 8 Livestream per month
✔️ 1.5 hrs of LiveStream Duration
✔️ 1.5 GB LiveStream Video Size
✔️ 3 Ecommerce Stores
✔️ 4 Shop Designer pages
✔️ 25,000 Email contacts
✔️ 250,000 Email sends per month
✔️ 6 Landing pages
✔️ 2 Sub Users
✔️ Future updates to Master plan

✔️ 6 FB Pages
✔️ 3 FB accounts
✔️ 15 FB Groups
✔️ 6 IG Business accounts
✔️ 75,000 Messenger Bot Subscribers
✔️ Unlimited Chat Sequences
✔️ Unlimited Chat Broadcasts

✔️ 25 FB Pages
✔️ 20 FB accounts
✔️ 60 FB Groups
✔️ 25 IG Business accounts
✔️ 200,000 Messenger Bot Subscribers
✔️ Unlimited Chat Sequences
✔️ Unlimited Chat Broadcasts

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