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Map Out Your Marketing Funnels, Collaborate with Your Team,Execute Your Strategy & Set It All Live With 1 Click.

MarketPlanIO has more than 10 powerful "Made For Marketing" Apps to help you through the complete marketing campaign. You can map out your marketing funnels, collaborate with your team, execute your strategy and set it all live with just one click.


Value $295.00/year
marketplan Lifetime Deal

It’s messy right? Wasting hours making those lengthy presentations for your marketing campaigns but still couldn’t deliver it to your team on time!

You need a PLAN that everyone can see, edit, and stay accountable to. Now you have one place where you can take the great ideas in your head and set them into motion. is the easiest way to plan, execute, analyze and optimize your marketing strategies and funnel.

MarketPlan Features:

Each feature of MarketPlan is crafted to help you more efficiently plan, execute, and optimize your marketing campaigns.

  • Seamless Page Creation: Quit killing your creative flow by hunting down each page in your funnel or site. Context is everything. Take notes, create contextual checklists, and comment on every page. works seamlessly with Thrive Themes, Divi, Brizy, Live Composer, Click Funnels, ConvertPages and many more.
  • Simply Email: Finally, a place to write copy that’s clean and beautiful. Plan out email ops and list management with actions and conditions. Kill the frustration of jumping around in your autoresponder. Now congruency is right at your fingertips.
  • Content Visualization: Forget staring hopelessly at your CMS for hours. Now you can plan your blogs sequentially and have a clean, distraction free place to write & even design your next masterpiece.
  • One Message, On Budget: Group, write, plan, & budget your ads. Make cost projections, tracking links, and even live budgets. Run ads that feel like your brand. Measure each link’s effectiveness and optimize for growth.
  • All For One & One For All: Great social content comes from great conversations. Plan around your team’s greatest thoughts and build a consistent flow for future great ideas.
  • Beautiful Scenarios: Plan how to break even and profit in EVERY funnel you build. Know your funnel’s KPIs and never be caught off guard before launch again.

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Starting at $95.00

✔️ 10 Users
✔️ 50k/month VisitorTracking
✔️ Drag-and-drop Mapping Canvas
✔️ Actions, Event, and Email Tracking
✔️ Revenue and Ad Spend Tracking
✔️ ROI Projections
✔️ Team Project Management Tools
✔️ Kanban Board
✔️ Built-in Messenger
✔️ Keyword and Blog Planner
✔️ Funnel Templates
✔️ All Future Updates and Features
✔️ 60-days Refund Policy

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