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Re-create The Magic of Live Events

Mesh helps you re-create the magic of live events! Interact in a custom virtual world filled with games, music, and unique experiences for a more engaging event experience!


Value $480.00/Year
Mesh.Online | Re-create The Magic of Live Events 1

Today, online events can be a bit boring because they don’t allow people to socialize, have fun, and stay engaged as they would in with one another in real life!

But what if we tell you that you can experience all of this but through the custom and immersive virtual spaces during the live events? There’s more to it so keep reading!

Mesh It helps recreate the magic of live events and lets you move in and out of conversations like you would in real-life, using spatial video chat. You can choose a pre-built world that has embedded games and music, or customize your space for a fully unique experience. 

With Interactive objects and games around your space with videos, images, links, or games, Mesh makes online and live events more customizable, engaging, fun, and social. Create your own virtual space for your remote team or for virtual events where people can socialize, network, bond over games, watch videos or view websites together, and enjoy themselves.

Mesh is used by world-class businesses like Deloitte, Accenture, & more to keep employees engaged, build a strong remote culture, and host amazing virtual events.

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Spatial Video Chat – Easily move around your virtual world like a video game and video chat with others only when you move close to them – just like real-life

Customizable Spaces – Choose one of Mesh’s interactive virtual spaces, or work with their team to create a fully custom event experience. You can customize every aspect of your virtual world, from the way it looks to the embedded experiences like videos or links throughout the space.

Custom characters – Choose an avatar that matches your style, or work with their team for custom outfits.

Embedded Games & Music – Guests can bond over embedded games like Trivia, Poker, and more, all while video chatting with each other. Choose music to play throughout your world so that all guests hear the same tunes as if they were in the same real-life space.  

Private Spaces – Password protect your rooms or whitelist users.

Secure Storage – No PII is saved – all data securely stored.

Broadcast – Share video, links, or screen with everyone in your space

One-Click Entry – No sign-ups or download is required

Interactive Objects and Games – Customize objects around your space with videos, images, links, or games.

Mesh.Online | Re-create The Magic of Live Events 2

What’s the Benefit of using Mesh?

  • Build a culture and social connectivity in your remote teams
  • Create an engaging online environment for unforgettable events
  • Choose a pre-built world that has embedded games and music, or customize your space for a fully unique experience. 

How Does it Work?

  • From your dashboard, you can choose the theme (“map”) of your private space. Or, click the ‘My Events’ tab to start a special event with a new URL. Your spaces will be able to hold the number of concurrent guests that your account has access to (depending on what plan you’re on). Share out the URL to your space with your guests (e.g. through a calendar invitation or email).
  • If you choose, you can customize your space with embedded links, videos, or live streams once you enter the space. Only administrators are allowed to customize the space.
  • Guests can join the link you share with them with just one click. No download or sign-up required.

Best Suited For –

  • SMBs and SMEs
  • Online Businesses
  • Organizations & Companies Hosting Virtual Events
  • Companies with a Remote Workforce
  • The Ideal size of the organization = 10-2000 people or more.

Alternate For – Gathertown and vFairs

Get a lifetime deal to Mesh now!

Lifetime Access to Mesh

✔️ 1 Always-on Private Space
✔️ 5 People License (Max. 80 Licenses Per Account)
✔️ Full-Access to All Games – Trivia (customizable), King’s Cup, Poker, Tag, & more!
✔️ Broadcast Links, Video, and Screen to the Whole Group
✔️ Customizable Maps & Avatar Clothing
✔️ Stackable Plan up to 80 Codes (400 Users)
✔️ Every +1 Stacked Code = +5 People
✔️ 60-days Refund Policy

Save 94%

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Mesh.Online Lifetime Deal
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