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Morningscore Lifetime Deal

It is the perfect tool for us because it gives the complete overview of our SEO efforts

Morningscore gives decisionmakers a clear and simple overview of their SEO performance. Unlike most other SEO tools, Morningscore aims at ensuring your efforts to rank the targeting keywords are paid enough. This is achieved by one of the distinct features. It tells you the value of the keywords you are trying to rank. The Morningscore lifetime deal is now available on SaaSMantra.

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💥 Monitoring SEO activities: Using an SEO team? Monitoring all of the changes can sometimes be difficult. To save the day, our SEO Tool allows you to track the progress on your SEO — with no integrations whatsoever! You can not only see the changes on your SEO but also get a price estimation for the efforts put into it. Additionally, the simple yet effective interface saves you time and effort, making it the perfect tool for managing your campaigns.

💥 Competitor SEO Analysis: Looking for a tool to carry out your competitors’ SEO analysis? With Morningscore you can analyze and track your competitors’ SEO in just a few clicks. Compare your and competitors’ keyword rankings, analyze your competition’s backlinks and see their SEO progress — in just a few clicks.

💥 Keyword Rank Tracker: With our SEO tool you can see all of the keywords you rank for and track their position changes. See all of your and competitors’ keywords and track them with great precision. Compare your keyword positions for as far back as you want with our unlimited historical data.

💥 Website Crawler Tool: Is your website underperforming because of technical errors? Now it’s easier than ever to find that out — with Morningscore’s On-site Crawler Tool. Get a simple on-page optimization audit and fix errors that might be holding you back.

💥 SEO Linkbuilding Tool: Want a complete overview of your links? Morningscore’s backlink tool enables you to track all links to your website in a simple and easy-to-use interface. Check your backlinks and the effects they play on your SEO efforts.

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Get Lifetime access Morningscore


Value $2750/Year

Save 98%

30-day money back guarantee!

What’s included in the Morningscore Lifetime Deal?

⚡️ SEO Analysis
⚡️ Backlinks Analysis (New & Lost)
⚡️ Competitor Analysis
⚡️ Rank Tracker
⚡️ 2 users
⚡️ 5 websites
⚡️ 100 keywords
⚡️ Stack as many as you want
⚡️ Each stack gives you 2 extra users + 5 more websites + 100 more keywords
⚡️ Future updates & integrations of the Lite plan are included

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