mPonics Lifetime Deal

Marketing Automation Tool

Run Campaigns, get analytics, and automate your workflow all in one place. You won't need to leave mPonics to grow your business.


Value $1200.00
mPonics Lifetime Deal

So much of marketing is about making things more straightforward for the customers. So why are all marketing automation systems so complex?

mPonics is a straightforward marketing automation system that has all the functions you need, CRM, Email, SMS, Meeting Room, Workflow Automation, but no unnecessary complications that make it hard to navigate for small business owners. It’s the exact marketing automation platform to help you get started and grow your business.

Run Campaigns, get analytics, and automate your workflow all in one place. You won’t need to leave mPonics to grow your business.

mPonics – a consolidated marketing automation platform. with SMS, email, surveys, workflow, social automation, analytics and more.

  • AI advisor uses lead source prediction to predict where most of your leads will come from so you can plan your next move accordingly
  • Interactive CRM will help you stay organized& manage your leads and prospects
  • Set off an email campaign to reach both current & potential customers, then use the surveys and analytics features in order to improve customer engagement, loyalty, and brand awareness
  • Easy to use conference room for all your digital presentations & team meeting needs
  • Validate your brand w/ social media campaigns & then monitor them here
  • Automated workflow significantly shortens the amount of the time required to run email, SMS & social campaigns
  • Create a personalized SMS campaign to promote events, connect people to your social media, send reminders or just to reach your audience
  • Be prepared w/ a posting schedule & automatically engage on Instagram

Get lifetime access to mPonics now!

Lifetime Access to mPonics

✔️ User creation: 1
✔️ Dashboard summary
✔️ Contacts creation: 1,000
✔️ Lead script creation: 5
✔️ Social media connection creation: 1
✔️ Workflow creation: 1 per month
✔️ Email campaign creation: 5 per month
✔️ Emails sent by campaign per month: 1,000
✔️ Mailbox creation: 1
✔️ Survey creation: 5 per month
✔️ Survey emails sent per month: 1,000
✔️ Report access
✔️ Access to AI advisor
✔️ SMS campaign creation: 1
✔️ SMS sent by campaign
✔️ Access to analytics
✔️ Meeting room
✔️ Chat support
✔️ Dedicated digital marketing service: request a quote
✔️ Chatbot: 1

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mPonics Lifetime Deal
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