Odus Lifetime Deal

Create A.I. Bots That Chat Like Humans

Odus.ai is an AI-based conversational platform for messengers, voice assistants, sites, any devices, and apps. We bring you Odus, an AI-based service to help marketers with support & sales automation with chatbots using dialogue contextualization technology. The Odus lifetime deal is now available on PitchGround.

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💥 Communicate Freely – Odus understands natural speech (NLU) and defines your intention.

💥 Automate Sales – Odus will answer questions, find the right product for the customer and places an order.

💥 Forget About Email – Collect your audience in instant messengers and makes mailings with effectiveness X10!

Odus 1
Odus 2
Lifetime access to Odus Plan


Value $588/Year

Save 95%

60-day money back guarantee!

What’s included in the Odus Lifetime Deal?

⚡️ 5 per day of training requests
⚡️ Pre-trained models for basic dialogs
⚡️ Multilingual bots
⚡️ Unlimited Broadcasts
⚡️ Unlimited Sequences
⚡️ Unlimited Bots
⚡️ Website widget
⚡️ Live Chat and unlimited operators
⚡️ User segmentation
⚡️ Connect to Facebook Messenger
⚡️ WhatsApp
⚡️ Telegram
⚡️ Viber
⚡️ Unlimited Team members

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