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Smart email automation, push notification & list building tool

OmniKick gives you complete marketing automation tools to help you personalize every customer interaction, maximize your customer lifetime value, and reduce cart abandonment.


Value $864.00
Omnikick | #1 Marketing Automation Tool 1

Don’t JUST send emails & push notifications to your audience, send them AT THE RIGHT TIME, personalize EVERYTHING and grow your email list like never before with elegant exit intent automation!

If yes then you’ll love the ease of setting up your email marketing, lead generation and push notifications automations for your website.

Switching between communication platforms, exit intent software, list building pop up software, automation software, creating new connections using Zapier, going back and forth takes a lot of time, how many hours does it take you to create a single campaign just for everything to sync together?

Want to save countless hours of time to do other things, like making more money by updating your audience, growing your subscribers, running promotions and more?

Omnikick is a web-based marketing automation platform that allows companies to improve customer engagement with push notifications, messages, and more.

Deploy interactive popup, floating bar, inline forms without any coding.

Send highly targeted and personalized Web Push Notifications on desktop and mobile.

Push Notification has 25% higher CTR than email!

  • Cart Abandoned Push

Recover your abandoned cart by sending highly relevant and timely web push notifications.

  • Scarcity Message

Send scarcity message to convert more subscribers into paying customers.

  • Discount Offer

Send discount offer directly on mobile and desktop in few clicks.

  • New Product Update

Send every product update notifications to your customers and followers.

  • New Content Update

Send push notifications of every new blog post.

  • Occasional Offers

Make your occasional offers like Black Friday, Christmas, etc. more successful.

White label sub-accounts to resell and make money.

(*White label is expected to be ready Dec-Jan)

We know how much you love white label accounts and the OmniKick team, for a limited time is allowing resellers to rebrand their automation platform for you.

This was a special request from us for you our valued Lifetime Deal members.

Purchase 5 or more codes to unlock White Label.

Each sub-account includes 3k contacts, and a includes a massive send limit of 20 sends per month for each contact.

Check out the public roadmap and upvote for features you would like to see => HERE

Get lifetime access to Omnikick now!

Lifetime Access to Omnikick

1 Code

✔️ 6k Contacts
✔️ 120k sending limit (20 sends per contact per month)
✔️ Unlimited Push Notifications
✔️ Unlimited automations
✔️ Unlimited websites
✔️ Unlimited Exit Intents
✔️ Unlimited Broadcasting
✔️ 1 code Light Omnikick light branding
✔️ 2x codes removes branding
✔️ All future features included
✔️ 5x codes white label
✔️ Stack up to 9 codes

14 Days – Early Bird Offer

✔️ 90k Contacts
✔️ 1.8 Mil sending limit (20 sends per contact per month)
✔️ SMTP Unlimited Sending (coming soon)
✔️ Everything included from single code packages
✔️ White Label
✔️ 50 Sub accounts
✔️ Each sub account includes 3k contacts
✔️ All future features included
✔️ 3x Split pay option

*Each sub account includes 3k contacts

Save 94%

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