OneHash Lifetime Deal

Best SaaS based CRM & ERP tool

Supercharge your sales with the best CRM for startups and SMBs. Get pipeline view, calling, lead management, email automation, and more.


Value $600.00/year
OneHash | Best CRM & ERP Tool 1

The best SaaS based CRM & ERP tool that will give you a complete bird’s eye view of your business through state of the art technology and a visually appealing user interface featuring charts, graphs & statistics to help you stay on top of your data & products

OneHash features over 16 specialized dashboards aimed at helping you manage every aspect of your business, from Accounting to Stocks and Inventories, CRM & HR, Websites, Payrolls, Projects & many more!

Manage finances, human resources, sales & supply chain, websites and website content, customer support, set goals and track your project’s progress – everything in one place!

OneHash also integrates with several platforms including marketplace tools like WooCommerce, Amazon MWS & Shopify, Google Services, backup solutions like Dropbox & Google Drive, many user & service authentication tools, payment platforms including Braintree, PayPal, Stripe & many others as well as Slack, Plaid, Exotel & more.

OneHash | Best CRM & ERP Tool 2

With OneHash you’ll have a complete bird’s eye view of your business stats through specialized modules/dashboards for each aspect of it, including:

  • Home
  • Accounting
  • Assets
  • Buying
  • CRM
  • HR
  • Loan
  • Payroll
  • Projects
  • Quality
  • Selling
  • Stock
  • Support
  • Website
  • Settings
  • Utilities

Supercharge your sales with the best CRM for startups and SMBs. Get pipeline view, calling, lead management, email automation, and more.

Cross Channel Interactions – Integrate all your customer interaction under a single head to give seamless and effortless, high-quality customer experiences. Unify information received from mails and calls into CRM Leads. All this with intuitive in-built system.

Improve Sales Productivity – Delegate responsibility with effective system driven communication. Eliminates undesired tasks and monitor team with insightful performance reports. Detailed analysis of stage wise sales prospects.

Account Management – OneHash allows you to take Command of your finances with an array of tools to govern your Cashflows under a single platform – record, classify & summarize financial transactions and receive customized reports

Design and execute Campaigns – Device integrated communications plan to generate lead or sales. Engage audiences, with content marketing focus and an integrated media schedule. Plan Clear, realistic goals.

Accounting Grid – Easily Identifiable Tree and Branch relationship of Accounting ledgers to smoothly move between groups and subgroups.

Payments and Journals – Get hold of error free and precise ledgers, accurate to the last penny. Keep tap of all costs and revenues with regular notifications there by bringing better efficiency. Gauge the financial position with insightful reports.

Receivables and Invoicing – Keep track of accounts receivable, follow up with customers by sending regular alerts and take control of the Cash Flow. Highly customizable billing templates to make your work easy. Set the item wise Pricing once and enjoy predictive pricing for the transaction to come.

OneHash | Best CRM & ERP Tool 3

Get a lifetime deal to OneHash now!

Lifetime Access to OneHash

Unlimited Plan (Stackable)

✔️ 5 Users
✔️ All 9 Modules
✔️ Multi Company
✔️ Multi Country
✔️ Multi Currency
✔️ Automation
✔️ Alerts
✔️ Notification
✔️ Workflows
✔️ Comment
✔️ List View
✔️ Calendar View
✔️ Kanban View
✔️ Tree View
✔️ Role Permission
✔️ Hierarchy Control
✔️ Sharing
✔️ Assigning
✔️ Attachments
✔️ Audit Trail
✔️ Logs
✔️ Dashboard
✔️ CEOs Cockpit
✔️ Charts
✔️ Data Table
✔️ Gantt Chart
✔️ Drip Campaign
✔️ Email & SMS
✔️ Integrations
✔️ APIs
✔️ Document Follow
✔️ User Permissions & Levels
✔️ Auto Repeat
✔️ Data Privacy
✔️ Calendar
✔️ To Do
✔️ Notes
✔️ Customer Self Service Portal
✔️ Chat
✔️ Global Search Tags
✔️ Filter
✔️ Reviewing
✔️ Versioning
✔️ Keyboard Shortcut
✔️ Stackable up to 5 Codes per Onehash account. Every 1 Stacked Code = +5 additional users
✔️ All future features of the “Unlimited” Plan
✔️ 60 Days Refund Policy

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OneHash Lifetime Deal
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