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Curb your email checking habit so you can focus on what matters

Decide when emails or newsletters should land in your inbox. Regain control by creating your own daily, weekly or monthly schedules.


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Email is an indispensable tool – but it’s also a huge productivity drain. If you’re trying to focus and get work done, receiving repetitive notification emails can quickly develop into a distracting habit.

Every time you receive an email, optimal productivity is lost, and it becomes harder to refocus on what you were doing because of a thing called “random intermittent reinforcement”. It’s the behavioural undercurrent that keeps you compulsively checking your devices.

But by batching up frequent emails into paced summaries, you’re able to concentrate more effectively and regain your focus.

Paced Email is a programmable email forwarding service to bring calm back to your inbox. Do you receive regular emails that are too important to unsubscribe? Buffer yourself from them by wrapping them up into daily, weekly, or monthly digests instead.

Firstly, you can create any number of email aliases on the fly

Signing up for a new service like Product Hunt? Awesome! Use a specific email for just Product Hunt notifications to be sent at the beginning of every day (or the end of the day!).

Creating a new droplet on a platform like Digital Ocean? Create a digest for weekly updates.

Signing up to a service you’re pretty sure is going to spam you? Create an alias that only sends monthly updates and be safe in the knowledge that your precious personal email address is safe from list-buying digital marketers.

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Creating an email alias for use with a service that might contact you too often requires no configuration. It’s as easy as writing out an email address

All you have to do is follow the rules above for creating an alias. 

Your new digest email address starts with your username, then what your inbox will be called, and finally how often you’d like to receive your digests.

Here’s three examples;


Once you’ve got your inboxes filling up in your Paced Email dashboard, you can schedule your digests to suit your exact needs

We would like to get sales notifications at the end of every day. We get our new user notifications at the end of every week, and our platform update notifications at the end of every month.

This gives us a nice warm feeling after all the hard work we put in at the end of each day and week, then let’s us get on with platform updates at the beginning of the next month. Couldn’t be simpler.

If you run a popular Shopify store and are getting distracted by sales emails, or even if you’ve just subscribed to a site like Product Hunt, Paced Email is the quickest way to stop notification emails distracting you at annoying times. 

Jump onto this deal while it lasts and batch up your emails for only when you want them

Then say hello to your old friends – productivity and focus!

Get Lifetime access to Paced Email now!

Lifetime Access to Paced Email

✔️ Unlimited Inbox Aliases
✔️ Unlimited Inbound Emails
✔️ Unlimited Digests
✔️ Schedule Digest Delivery
✔️ Filter and Bypass Rules (coming soon – see FAQ)
✔️ Email Triaging (coming soon – see FAQ)
✔️ Custom Domains (coming soon – see FAQ)

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Paced Email Lifetime Deal Grabltd

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